coastal tiles

  1. A

    [GS] Worldbuilder Question (coastal lowland)

    Hi all! Quick World Builder question... How can I define the coastal lowland tiles that will be flooded as the sea level rises? I can't find any option for this and when I try my map, there're no default lowland tiles. Thanks :)
  2. Tyroq

    [GS] Climate Change Quirks

    So in my most recent game (emperor-Mali), I discovered something interesting and quirky about dealing with flooded tiles. It seems that, if you swap a flooded tile to the control of a city that already has flood barriers up, the flooded tile will instantly gain a flood barrier and become...
  3. G

    Mountains, Districts, Improvements, Wonders, Coasts - Using LUA & XML to Work Around the Limitations

    I remember several postings on here regarding mountain plots in Civ VI and whether it is possible to place districts and improvements on them. There was also (a successfully resolved) discussion about enabling movement on mountain tiles for helicopters, scouts, builders, and settlers, and...
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