1. JamesNinelives

    Does anyone know a good alternate civ colours mod?

    Hope it's OK to post this here. If somewhere else would be better, I'm happy to ask there instead. There are certain civilizations I really like, but the colour scheme puts me off. I'm looking for a mod that changes the colours that each civ - specifically it's the red/green of Morocco that I'm...
  2. BackseatTyrant

    Any idea how the jersey system works?

    I want to edit the system, so that it detects similar colour schemes, rather than identical primary colours. Any idea where I'd find such luck?
  3. md4

    [C3C] Color palette glitches

    I'm not liking my chances on this one, but as of tonight (after 1–2 months without issue) I am getting constant color palette glitching like so: See the bottom-right summary panel: Behold many icons (most notably under Masonry, Pottery, Construction): Of note, the icons change periodically...
  4. Ukoku

    [GS] A weird color bug on civilization icon on civilization selection menu

    Hello Everyone, Happy Christmas! So I had this weird bug on civilization icon on menu selection screen, and can't seem to figure it out. (Quit modding civ for couple month cause of it and now comeback still can't figure it out :sob: ) And this is one of the few last thing I need to fix before...
  5. Blake00

    [Civ2] Civ2 Title/Text/Font Colour Editor?

    Hey guys, Across the sites there are so many editors and hack programs for Civilization 2.. map editors, civ editors, city editors, dll gif editors, sound editors etc.. however I haven't been able to find a program that allows you to change text and title colours to better match custom GUI...
  6. W

    Color Change Can someone help explain this to me? In very simple words. I can't understand code or tech words. Also there's a python color picker thing they mentioned, could someone help with that too?
  7. D

    China Modpack v.1

    China Modpack: R.E.D Modpack is required for Jet Fighter unit. Type-99 (Updated) fixed textures to make it look more authentic to the PLA Woodland style camo. ZBD-04 (Updated) fixed textures to make it look more authentic to the PLA Woodland style camo. Chengdu J-20 (New) Unique Jet Fighter...
  8. MadManCam

    Red and White Colors - Gitarja's Indonesia 2017-10-29

    Steam Workshop Page This mod changes the leader colors for Indonesia led by Gitarja. The white is actually tinted slightly yellow. The colors are distinguishable from Poland and England, as you can see in the image.
  9. MadManCam

    Alternative Colors - Gitarja's Indonesia 2017-10-29

    Steam Workshop Page Changes Gitarja's Leader colors to red and light blue, making city names easier to read.
  10. SlySlySly

    Making a civ. Colour files do NOT apply

    Hallo. I need some help with my mod. Something is not working with it. I created custom colours, but they don't appear in game. What am I missing? I feel super lost. I checked everywhere and I don't know how it works... Colors <GameInfo> <Colors> <Row>...
  11. Ardeus

    Changing the civ icons in the pick menu

    I understood that changing the color DOESN'T effect the civ icon in the pick menu as they are not customizable and prefixed. So, in which directory the icons are found? Or there's a mod that changes the color already?
  12. Neirai

    Neirai's Civ 5 Colors 2016-12-26

    This simple mod changes the color of Civ 6 civilizations to that of their Civ 5 equivalents. - Supports the Aztecs and Poland! - Modder-friendly! Uses colors from JFD and Jaboruta, Light in the East, LastSword, and More Civs where appropriate. - Does fun things on April the First!
  13. jerseymike25

    Colors.XML Utility App: Change the colors of Civs and various other things

    Hi all - Inspired by Futumch's thread (Colour Change XML Replacement) where he found and changed the XML file responsible for providing all of the colors for each Civ, I created a small utility to load that XML file and allow an easier time of making changes. I have updated the version that...
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