1. Balthasar

    Monthly Competition for November 2016

    Hey Gang, Everybody tired of voting yet? Too bad, because I'm back with a contest that you just can't stay out of. This month's competition is a battle royale between three great units, and promises to be a very tough choice for everyone. Here are this month's nominees: Vuldacon -...
  2. Vuldacon

    New Unit: Coyote - November 28, 2016

    No, it's not Wiley Coyote :lol: but a "Real" Coyote with Excellent Hunting Skills, Very Sharp Teeth and Fast Reflexes. If you want a Coyote that will Attack and Defend in your game, this unit is for you. Preview: note that the Flc speeds are better in game. Default - Fidget - Default -...
  3. Vuldacon

    Coyote 2016-11-28

    This is an Attacking Coyote animal unit for your game. All Flcs and Sounds with a ReadMe file Included, ready to install. You can visit the Thread to see previews Here
  4. Castor_Troy

    Aztec Coyote Warrior 1.0

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