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crash save

  1. L

    Crash Report - Game crashes when meeting city state

    Playing as Egypt on v80, the game crashes to desktop upon moving the scout 2 tiles to the north west and meeting the city state there. I believe the city was founded by Phoenicia which later collapsed when I took their original capital. I don't understand how logging works but I have included...
  2. dissatisfieduser

    RESOLVED: Crash Report - CTD during ai turns don't know why

    As the title says: I'm experiencing CTD when the game is processing ai turns. I've attached four saves: one at turn 183, nothing has gone wrong yet; one at turn 206, the turn a crash happens when I pass it on to the ai; turn 313, as before nothing has gone wrong; and turn 317, crash when I end...
  3. B

    Unable to load MP Save with Warfare Expanded

    Greetings mighty Civ6 community! I humbly beseech you to hear my plea... I've had a MP game running with my 2 bro's for a few months. Since the most recent update I get the following message when we tried to load up - The only mods we have installed are - Warfare Expanded: Reloaded...
  4. Z

    Civ 6 on Switch always crashes when trying to save post turn ~600.

    Greetings all, I am posting this here to try and draw attention to a game breaking bug on the Switch version of Civilization 6. I have been in touch with 2k support for a couple weeks now trying to figure out why my campaigns always crash on specific turns once I've gotten past turn 600 or so...
  5. C

    [ (260180)] Game Crashes upon loading, then returns to the main menu

    I've been playing a Yet (not) Another Maps Pack game as Macedon, and it will not load anymore. When I try to open it, it shows the black loading screen, but then instead of going to Alexander, it stays on the black screen and Start Game appears in white text. Then after a few seconds, it...
  6. H

    [vanilla] Specific Turn Crash - need help

    can someone tell me what this means [2016-12-13 16:15:43] Watcher "DumpWatcher" is watching folder "C:\Users\jacob\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Dumps\" for submissions with a file name of "header.json" [2016-12-13 16:15:43] Watcher "PackageWatcher" is watching folder...
  7. clausewitz77

    Game crashes 5 turns before science victory (reproducable, save file)

    5 turns before achieving the science victory, the game always crashes during the AI turn. The bug is reproducable, see the attached save game. Just load and end turn. I started the game before the latest patch - actually it was my 2nd game ever. I tried to cancel all space projects before...
  8. Cor'e =)

    Why does this mod keep crashing when re/loading a save in-game?

    I have to exit the game to reload a savegame, i thought this was fixed many years ago, for example this rarely ever happens with AND2, is the binary not up to date maybe or ?
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