crash to desktop

  1. C

    Crash to Desktop

    Hello everyone! I have installed VP with EUI, but I'm encountering a CtD when I click "Next" after selecting all my mods. Below are the list of mods I'm using: All the mods I've downloaded from the Steam Workshop or from this forum have been checked against the mod compatibility page, or have...
  2. Re-loader

    Crash to desktop, with recurring error code in .dmp file

    I'm playing LoR(Legends of Revolution) with dave_uk modmod, on Ghenghis Kai Giant Earth Map, which requires an addition to Civ4WorldInfo.xml to facilitate the larger map. Here is the results from the .dmp file It seems to refer to this line(4941) from CvCity.cpp in the BTS CvGameCoreDLL...
  3. E

    MapView crashing

    I have recently downloaded MapView, a plugin for helping with the creation of custom maps for Civ 4, but it crashes whenever I try to link it with the Caveman2Cosmos mod. Do anybody else have this problem? I've downloaded the most recent versions of both MapView and Caveman2Cosmos. MapView open...
  4. diqiudashi

    [NFP] Game crashes after comet destroys Player 1's last city

    Crash description: This game is played under the apocalypse mode as you may expect. I have already lost the game prior to the final stage of the world climate, and I continued to play with my only city left (not the original capital, which was captured very early). After the comet destroyed my...
  5. jorissimo

    Egypt crippling CTDs and MAFs

    I'm experiencing relentless CTDs and MAFs when playing as Egypt. I'm familiar with these errors and even wrote a post once with tips to mitigate them. At some point I was almost completely free of these errors at least up to 1700, playing without modules aside from applying all the other...
  6. SpaceCommunist

    [GS] Unit art is causing the game to crash!

    Hey all, I'm attempting to (finally) update one of my mods for Gathering Storm, but there's an issue - the game keeps crashing to desktop at the dawn of man screen! I've had trouble like this before in the past so it's almost certainly an issue with the artdefines or their reference in the mod...
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