1. Re-loader

    Crash to desktop, with recurring error code in .dmp file

    I'm playing LoR(Legends of Revolution) with dave_uk modmod, on Ghenghis Kai Giant Earth Map, which requires an addition to Civ4WorldInfo.xml to facilitate the larger map. Here is the results from the .dmp file It seems to refer to this line(4941) from CvCity.cpp in the BTS CvGameCoreDLL...
  2. Darkator

    [Vanilla] Help me, I don't know how the mod errors are checked

    I don't know how the mod errors are checked I installed the EE3 add-on, but there was no unit pack for it, so I started modifying this add-on. I started adding units and everything worked until I started modifying the tech file and now when the game enters the renaissance era the game freezes...
  3. Darkator

    Civ 4 I have problem with my addon

    When discover new tech crashes civ 4. please help me.
  4. Meteor Man

    Diplomacy Crash - Only One Civ, Crash when Clicking "Offer a Deal..."

    So this is a strange one. I usually don't have problems with crashes in this game, I can usually figure out what is causing them (usually stupid text errors or a picture is not indexed correctly, etc). But this time I can't for the life of me figure out what is wrong. No error message, crashes...
  5. TheOneHitPupper

    What's the furthest you've played to with VP?

    My style of gameplay leans toward peaceful world building, up until I get attacked and then I go into total war. This means games well extend into the modern era. Sadly, I notice that the Community Patch starts breaking after year 2050 (on Quick speed ~330 turns). Random CTDs, freezing while...
  6. Akbarthegreat

    CTD/Game hangs when loading VP

    First off, kudos to the creators of this mod. I got bored of civ5 a couple of years ago, but this mod seriously feels a whole new game. Absolutely amazing :D I didn't want to post this on the Github tracker since I'm fairly sure this is a technical issue I'm having, and not a bug. I'm playing...
  7. jorissimo

    Egypt crippling CTDs and MAFs

    I'm experiencing relentless CTDs and MAFs when playing as Egypt. I'm familiar with these errors and even wrote a post once with tips to mitigate them. At some point I was almost completely free of these errors at least up to 1700, playing without modules aside from applying all the other...
  8. Zur13

    Is pulldown component broken by the Sep patch? CTD issue.

    So I have a lot of mods with the common issue: when the mod with pulldown (combobox) enabled and used in game after the you try to leave the game (exit to the main menu) the game crash happens. After a lot of debugging I've isolated the issue to this case: UI XML component: <PullDown...
  9. Z

    CTD when ordering hunter units to attack animals

    For the past ~100 turns or so, whenever I order a hunter unit to attack a nearby animal after the screen pans to that hunter, I get a CTD about half the time. (And each time, I realize as I give the order that I should have known it was going to crash.) Any idea if there's something specific I...
  10. T

    [BNW] Unable to debug a minidump?

    I have a minidump of a crash that happened with my compiled DLL (which i don't know why is happening as it happens randomly after i click next turn), but if i try running the debugger, but why should it be needed? Does this mean the problem is not in my DLL? Before this it had a crash which just...
  11. G

    CTD Upgrading Unit

    Playing jfdlc when i try to upgrade a crossbow into skirmisher get a ctd. Using 2 unit per tile NO eui plus a couple other mods all suggestions appreciated
  12. kilem

    Crash to Desktop on Ancient Era on the same turn

    Hello ! I'd appreciate a little feedback on how I can improve the stability on my game: I'm playing a snail game (6000 turns) and I have a CTD on the same turn that prevents me from going further (still on ancient era). Here is the savegame and the minidump. I'm playing on windows 10 (64bits)/ 6...
  13. Knasp

    [R&F] Crash to desktop, 96 turns in

    Played some 96 turns(?) when the game suddenly crashed to desktop. Only error messages thus far had been some unit desyncs. Attaching autosave-files and logs in 7zip.
  14. S

    [BNW] CTD After Intro Video (During Loading screen)

    So basically one day, I was playing a nice game of Civ 5, everything is fine. Then, I close my PC and go to sleep. Next day, I am eager to continue my adventures, I boot up steam, and launch Civ 5. Like usual, I skip through the intro and wait for the loading screen to finish. Then, out of...
  15. sman1975

    Best Method to Troubleshoot CTD

    Hello, Am working on an "omnibus" mod - one that combines several different mods into a single product. Had to do this because I play with a certain set of mods, but when I added a mod or two lately, there seem to be some conflicts between them. Soooo.... After many long hours of building...
  16. Infixo

    [BNW] Nasty CTD

    I am testing a mod and I have a nasty CTD that I'm trying to locate and fix. Could use some help since I am out of ideas. The mod is not complicated, updates buildings and units, few policies, and has 5 Lua functions registered with GameEvents. Database validity checks are ok, all objects work...
  17. nuvakaita

    [] Trade screen/policies changes causing crash

    I've been having a few issues where my game is crashing during moments that seem to strain the game. Both of these happened before the latest patch as well. This happens in pure vanilla; no mods. Here are the common scenarios: - I'm playing a large game/deep end-game and I'm managing 35+ trade...
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