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  1. Zegangani

    Collecting Ideas for a Rise and Fall of Civs, Dynasties, Cultural Pressure or Ethnicity Mod for Civ6

    I'm currently working on a Mod Series that introduces many new Mechanisms/Systems to the Game (and altering some existing ones), which work like the NFP Game Modes (that you can enable/disable as you desire), but are more fleshed out/detailed and interconnected with the Game's existing...
  2. S

    Culture Victory: Slightly Racist

    Everyone knows what a giant pain in the butt a cultural victory is in Civ 6. The mechanics behind it are a train wreck. More like a global nuclear winter wreckage. It’s annoying to achieve, to put it mildly. More importantly, it’s historically inaccurate. One culture has never peacefully...
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