1. O

    Question about lua debugging, constructing a building immediately when a district is completed

    Hello! In the mod I'm working on I'm having a trouble accomplishing something that seems like it should be fairly straightforward to do, but I'm having some issues with it. In the mod, I have created a new district, let's call it Foo. I have also created a new building, let's call it Bar. I...
  2. L

    Problem with debugging simple civilzation mod

    Recently I regain my interest in Civilization V and modding it I tried to make a simple mod that adds civilization with modBuddy. Actually, I did some experiments before, like making some changes in used mods or changing one civ into a complete different one by modifying its colors, icon, trait...
  3. J

    [GS] GameInfo nil value - Trying to get Gedemon's HSD working in GS

    Hey all! I've been a lurker for literally more than a decade, but Civ mods are a big part of why I went into software engineering for my career. I loved Rhye's Civ 4 overhaul, and I've been eagerly waiting for a similar mod for civ6. Gedemon's got their big project, but as far as I can tell...
  4. billw2015

    A short guide to debugging the exe

    This is something I quickly wrote after a couple of recent successes tracking down and fixing crashes that happen in the Civ4 BtS exe (due to our changes), using the disassembly window: I will add more later as I...
  5. N

    [Civ2] Program crashing when modding - how to debug?

    Not sure I'm posting in the right forum so apologies if not. I'm trying to make a modified version by editing the text files. I've altered things like tech tree, unit capabilities, terrain stats, etc. Usually when I make an error in the text file, the program crashes with a "failed to start"...
  6. T

    [BNW] Unable to debug a minidump?

    I have a minidump of a crash that happened with my compiled DLL (which i don't know why is happening as it happens randomly after i click next turn), but if i try running the debugger, but why should it be needed? Does this mean the problem is not in my DLL? Before this it had a crash which just...
  7. philhellenismos

    Debug Request

    So this is a debug request regarding my Wonder Pack, the Greek and Korean Wonder Pack. Ever since my recent update adding Mieza and Heumgyeonggak, the game seems to freeze right at the time I hit Renaissance. And before I get the standard "Enable Logging," Yes, I've already enabled logging and...
  8. Midnight-Blue766

    Help Merging WOC and BUG

    I've attempted to merge WOC and BUG together, only to discover that there's no interface, the advisors don't work and I can't access the option menu. I've uploaded the link here; can anyone please help?
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