1. TyrannusRex

    Rounding Out the Nordic Civilizations

    So, excuse the title for being a little vague, but I'm sorta working on an idea and wanted some opinions from other Civ fans. I've noticed that the majority of ideas (or existing mods) for a Danish civ in Civ VI tend to focus on an Industrial Era Denmark sometime during the 1800s (I believe)...
  2. Red_warning

    Scandinavian wonders

    Since the vikings first were included in Civ II I have waited for the addition of Scandinavian wonders, and was hoping for one to be included in Gathering Storm, but alas it was seemingly not meant to be. So in my boredom I've decided to create this thread to brainstorm some potential wonders...
  3. C

    Denmark Challenge Photojournal

    Following a debate about how strong Denmark is, I will doing a challenge as ol' Harold Bluetooth.
  4. pzelda

    Civs, which lack personality

    Hey, playing with mods I found one big issue returning to official civs. They often lack any personality or an interesting playstyle. My favourite civ is Polynesia because it changes the game completely and brings a different experience. But some civs are lacking this distinction. Here are some...
  5. Vognir

    Take Civs from Scenarios

    Can some take the civs from the Viking Scenarios and make them fully playable civs
  6. Harald Bluetooth Caught Spying

    Harald Bluetooth Caught Spying

    he threw his helm into the sea because of a dead spy.
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