1. blackbutterfly

    BB's Early Affinity Units (DLC) 1.1

    Affinity (and hybrid affinity) units have lower affinity requirements and can be researched earlier so they appear earlier in game. As this is intended mostly for multiplayer games, the download is provided like a DLC. (Because there is no support for mods in MP in Beyond Earth). Installation...
  2. Iconian

    African War Elephant, Pictish Warrior?

    I've been looking for where the African Forest Elephant and Pictish Warrior are defined by the game, but I can't find the information for them. I checked in DLC>Expansion2>Gameplay>XML>Units, and searched all three units files for them, but to no avail. I've located the information for the...
  3. Iconian

    Multiplayer, XML's, DLC folders and stuff

    I've visited the CivFanatics forum a number of times in the past, but now I've decided to create an account and start this thread. I have a few questions about mods. I started working on a very large Civ 5 mod about 2 years ago, but ended up having new priorities arise and couldn't get back to...
  4. K

    DLC assets

    Hi there, I'm new here so not sure if this was already answered previously or not but I have a question; Is it possible, and if yes, how, to edit DLC's units (i.e., I want to get my hands on the Commandante General unit)?
  5. Xandinho

    Which civs would you like to see in a second round of passes?

    Well, now that we know that the last NFP civ will probably be Portugal, I decided to create this poll to find out which civs are most popular for a second round of passes. We know it's not very likely to happen, but we'll see... You are free to choose up to 8 civs. And I purposely excluded civs...
  6. Zegangani

    [NFP] How satisfied are you with NFP (So far - Updates included)?

    It's been 9 Months now since we got the 1st NFP Pack, The Maya-GrandColumbia Pack with Apocalypse Mode, and now, so far, we got 7 new Civilizations, 10 new Leaders/Alt-Leaders, 7 new Game Modes, 1 new Scenario and plenty of other Stuff (Bug and Balance Fixes, New Features, improved AI...etc)...
  7. Hellenism Salesman

    [NFP] What's your favorite expansion?

    Civ VI has had lots of DLC over its lifetime, notably in the form of Expansion Packs. So my question for you is: which expansion is your favorite? Now when we're judging them, I'm not talking about overall quality or which is the best buy, I am asking purely about which one brings you the most...
  8. Lukasdb

    DLC content modding

    Hello Everybody, I am trying to modify Poland for my GF as she is very annoyed with Jadwiga kind of lackluster skills. I tried the same methodology with Japan and Hojo and it worked just fine. I started to think, that accessing DLC data requires some extra string perhaps? Here's what I have...
  9. AlexanderMZoltai

    DLC payments on a Mac…

    Don't know where to put my question—sorry if this is in response to something completely different ( maybe someone can move it… ) I have Civ 5 on a Mac—I just used the in-game DLC and got a number of extras… Anyone know how I'll be billed??
  10. H

    Looking for multiplayer players

    looking for people to play multiplayer with. i have both Expansion packs. My steam friend code is 160754340
  11. Laurana Kanan

    [NFP] Byzantium & Gaul Pack (September 2020) - Patch Notes Discussion

    BYZANTIUM AND GAUL PACK [NEW FEATURES] CIVILIZATION: BYZANTIUM Unique Ability – Taxis Units receive +3 Combat Strength or Religious Strength for each Holy City converted to Byzantium's Religion (including Byzantium's Holy City). Byzantium's Religion is spread to nearby cities when...
  12. Timothy001

    [NFP] [] Maya & Gran Columbia DLC Needed MP

    Discovered last night during our weekly MP game. One of the regular players, who does not own any DLC (the originals or Maya/GC) When the host set-up the game, the player could not join, saying he had to have the Maya/GC DLC. The host disabled it, and the player was able to join. The host did...
  13. S

    Turn not loading/game crash in multiplayer

    playing with 2 other friends, 2 of us have all of the DLC, but one is missing some. Game randomly will freeze on the please wait after next turn. I suspect it has to do with the host having more DLC than others so civs are in the game that someone doesn't have. Only began after the June 25th Update.
  14. GuyJones

    Bug with multiplayer

    every time I try to play a multiplayer game it won’t let me join and says “Mod Missing. Additional content is required but either has not been purchased or is not installed. Content: -DLC: Maya and Gran Colombia Pack” This started happening after the most recent update. I have never bought a...
  15. S

    Can I play as a DLC civ if others in the game don't have the DLC

    Basically what the title says. I am considering buying some DLCs, but a big part of that is being able to use new civs with my friends. If I buy the DLC and my friends do not, will I still be able to use the DLC civs against them?
  16. Indypapa

    [NFP] New Frontier Pass

    The New Frontier Pass was released for Windows a few days ago. The 2K press announcement said it would be available in many platforms but iOS(iPad and iPhone) was absent. Is Firaxis and 2K walking away from the iPad version of Civ 6?
  17. megabearsfan

    PolyCast episode 359: 2020 DLC Speculation & Brainstorming

    The three hundred-and-fifty-ninth episode of PolyCast, “2020 DLC Speculation & Brainstorming“ is now available for streaming on polycast.civfanatics.com. This episode features regular co-hosts Stephanie “Makahlua”, Phil "TheMeInTeam", and Jason “MegaBearsFan” Grade, along with guest co-host...
  18. C

    Modding for DLC

    Hello everyone, My wife and I have been modding the base game for a few weeks now, messing around with various things like custom units, buildings ect, it's been great fun. Just recently we've both tried to override units present in the DLC but neither of us are able to make any references to...
  19. P

    Multiplayer with different DLCs

    Hello, I am thinking about buying all DLCs in the current steam sale and asked myself the question how that would work out in Multiplayer. Currently, me and my friends all play with vanilla + Gathering Storm. What will happen if I now buy: - The DLC civilizations like Poland etc. They will...
  20. R

    Do you ever consider what is next for Civ VI? I do!

    I’ve written a blog post about the current state of Civ and where it maybe going in the future: https://robsgamesdesign.com/blog/2019/9/11/w4phbhmv2vpntjk50h2b08yq10fqrh
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