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  1. CanusAlbinus

    PolyCast 408: Why Do Anything When You Can Pillage?

    The four-hundred-and-eighth episode of PolyCast, “Why Do Anything When You Can Pillage?“ is now available for streaming on This episode features regular co-hosts CanusAlbinus, Stephanie “Makahlua”, and Jason "MegaBearsFan" with first-time guest co-host CivMD. Topics for this...
  2. ilmis9

    Domination Victory

    Is there anyway how I can manualy tweak requirements of DV? Like: 2/3 of population+1/2 capitals and 1/3 of landmass. Not trying to strive for way easier wins, but this would make more ways of AI winning. Also would be fun to always watch out for somebody not reaching neccesarry threshold of...
  3. C

    Can someone review my comprehensive Domination Victory Guide?

    I recently beat a Domination Victory on Deity difficulty for all 58 civs as a marathon, with the intention of creating a general in-depth guide for beginner-intermediate players. I am trying to help my IRL civ group with this. Can someone give me some comments? I'm no world expert like you guys...
  4. King Phaedron

    How the AI could reliably win Domination and Religion

    As it stands, the AI can only win with Science Score, or Diplomacy (Is it even possible for them to win with culture? I've gone over it a dozen times, and I just don't get the culture victory at all. I understood how it worked in Civ5, but for Civ6, I just don't get it. It seems impossible.)...
  5. Bactrian

    [GS] Loyalty tweaks and missed opportunities

    Inspired by my current domination game as Norway on a Huge Archipelago map. I think like a fair number on these forums (judging from my silent lurking over the years), I find the loyalty mechanic to be fundamentally un-fun when playing a domination game. I normally get frustrated and just start...
  6. CivLifeRyoutube

    [GS] How To Win A Domination Game On Deity

    This video series will show how I used Suleiman and the Ottomans to conquer the WORLD! Synopsis: England declared war early on me, I was able to fend her off with fortified warriors and slingers. With My Super Catapult, I was able to take 2 of her cities (including her capital) and sue for...
  7. E

    Domination Victory

    I’m a somewhat new player and I’ve conquered three capitals already and own all of Europe. It’s the year 1900 right now and conquering the entire world seems insurmountable. Do you have to conquer every capital to win the domination victory or can you just conquer more than anyone else? Thanks.
  8. Bangau

    CFC: Fastest STANDARD SETTINGS Deity Domination Victory

    Civ Fanatics Competition: Fastest STANDARD SETTINGS Deity Domination Victory Welcome to the Civ Fanatics Competition (CFC) where we will find out who can pull off the fastest deity domination victory on a game with ALL STANDARD SETTINGS! Everyone plays Civ with their own 'standard' I know...
  9. Ownsya

    [GS] Domination thoughts

    So I just won a domination game on Emperor, Standard, Continents, Small. My first domination on this difficulty. After a rough start I managed to eventually bulldoze my way to victory on turn 311 in the information era and ranked 6th with my score. I'm proud of this win. My leader was Suleiman...
  10. L

    [GS] I Just obliterated world

    Never played domination b4, cuz i don't like this playstyle and prefer more peaceful way to win. But this happened and i decided to take Ottomans. And this was just humilation to AI. No idea if this was bugged or what, but 80% of my game i just demolish them with Jannisary, and AI had only...
  11. saleembkarim

    Why didn't I get the Domination Victory message?

    I just finished playing a whole game of Vox Populi for the first time and that was a wonderful experience. I played as Rome and captured every capital, except Carthage, which was captured by Atilla, and I kept my own capital, so why didn't I get the victory message that I won the game? I was the...
  12. therottweiler

    GS - Domination question

    Probably a stupid question but is it possible to win a domination game without using Military only culture/loyalty? Maybe with Eleanor?
  13. ElSlayer

    [GS] How exactly do you execute Knight rush in GS?

    I really like to play Arabia and eventually I found out that building encampment and capturing holy site is much profitable than building just holy site. So I almost perfected Mamluk rush in base game. Things have changed in GS and now I can't seem to find that perfect timing on when to do all...
  14. O

    [GS] Matthias Corvinus strategie

    Hi Civ fans, just made my first GS game. Matthias Corvinus is incredidle strong. With the help of Amani you can become suzerain of a city state very early. Levy units as soon as you have money for it. Afterward you get 2 more Envoys - so you can stay suzerain even after moving Amani to the next...
  15. Cakeathon

    [GS] Grievances Guide

    Grievances Guide Work in progress (need your help !) There are still a few unknowns: 1. There is an unknown variable in the value of cities during conquest (see cities section) 2. Nukes ? 3. impact of grievances on loyalty of occupied cities I will keep this guide updated as things are figured...
  16. S

    Policies for domination

    So I picked up VP around half a week ago, and so far I've really enjoyed it. It actually adds alot more to the game, and makes it fun and attractive to me once more, similiar to how when I got the DLC-s, the new addons were rather interesting. But, since it's rather complicated, I've been...
  17. Banazir864

    [R&F] Pacifist Domination Victory via Loyalty?

    I was just wondering whether anyone's managed to win a Domination victory via loyalty flipping. It seems like it would be a fun challenge to try to win a Domination victory without ever declaring a war or conquering a city militarily. Obviously you'd need a smaller map and probably a lower...
  18. Y

    [VidLP] [FR] Multiplayer FRA/JAP - L'Entente - King

    Bonjour à tous ! Nouvelle chaîne sur YouTube spécialisé dans les jeux de simulations et historique, la chaîne YuuGamingPoiii commence un nouveau Let's Play sur Civilization VI. Ce Let's Play est en multijoueur, Jaja joue le Japon et Sacha la France. Caractéristiques de la partie : Civilization...
  19. A

    [BNW] The Great Wall - what to do?

    I think we all pretty much agree that if you're going for a DomV, the idea is to capture Wonders and not build them, but what about the GW? The GW is a thorn in my side. I play Immortal level, and too many times I've been conquering the first couple of civs only to then find out that Russia (or...
  20. A

    [BNW] Can't catch a break

    I've been trying to win quickly and successively with a DV on Immortal level for a long time with not much luck. I have won a few times - like 3. I have looked at threads giving DV advice, and although I try to follow the recommended steps, I can't seem to catch a break. I watched an ACKEN...
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