1. M

    [WTP] Quick questions

    I can't believe, I have the honors of having the very 1st thread in the MOD that will be a successor to RaR! Exciting!
  2. E

    Link to multiplayer modpack version 5-20 ( 2nd hotfix).

    I am really frustrated, spent the whole day searching for a download link but the best I can find is 5-20.3 which doesn't work for me. Are there any kind strangers that could share a link ( without a virus preferably, but I am at that point where I'd still download it)?
  3. B

    [Civ2] How to get Civilization II for windows 10

    I have the old game, but is in a disc and i can run it. I hope that someone have a folder with the game and adapter for windows 10. You guys know something about that?
  4. D

    How do I download a map on steam into Civ V World Builder

    I made a map and uploaded on steam. My computer had to be cleaned because of virus and now all the information is all gone, including the map. Can I recover it back by downloading my map from steam into world builder format? If so, how?
  5. Zefyrinus

    Culture and Religion

    CaR_Gameplay by Zefyrinus posted Apr 11, 2018 at 9:06 PM I made this scenario a long time ago, but it seems like I never made a proper thread for it. In this scenario, governments have been replaced by religions. There are a few city improvements and wonders that can only be built during...
  6. D

    How do you download your own mod from steam?

    My laptop's harddrive broke and got it replaced and all the memory is gone. I want to retrieved a map project i did a while ago from steam to store my computer, how do i do it?
  7. Rafalaf

    problem with mods

    I'm capable of subscribing to mods but some of them, for some reason, don't download in civ 5. Under the mods folder in the user files I have them but I can't play them. What I've noticed is that the mods that do get installed are in folders and the ones that don't, aren't. Could the folder...
  8. M07

    New Colonization/DaoNE v5.22

    Hello everyone, This new version comes quite fast. In this version, I mainly fix a big issue on AI. (you might have detected it) I have changes also the way to select starting units. Now you have default values for the two starting units and you can replace them by clicking on their icons...
  9. M

    Steam subscribed mods not in mods folder (Solved)

    Where are the downloaded mods kept? One of them is in the mods folder but the others seem to be somewhere else. Where are they!?
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