1. T

    [GS] Multiplayer team sequential turns doesn't work

    Hi! My friends and I are trying to set up a teams multiplayer game (e.g. 3v3s). We don't particularly enjoy playing on simultaneous turns. Unfortunately, it seems that the dynamic turns option forces EVERY PLAYER (at war, which in a teams game, is permanent) to play sequentially, instead of...
  2. AntSou

    Civ 7 Speculation: Fundamental changes.

    Civ 7 needs to be a significant enough departure from Civ 6 to justify the purchase. Here are some fundamental changes I speculate we'll see: 1. They'll replace the big leaders and complex movements with simplified portraits similar to Civ IV; 2. They'll ditch the millennial Civs/Leaders in...
  3. Merkava120

    Dynamica 1.01

    This mod's goal is to make Civ 4 more historically accurate by turning every part of the game into a dynamic, unpredictable path. (After all, no historic king has sat around planning how quickly they can discover Iron Working before the Byzantines get it.) Details are in the thread.
  4. Merkava120

    Some Observations About Events and Techs

    I've been fiddling around trying to create a dynamic tech tree using random events (so have techs be randomly discovered by your people instead of you actively researching them), and I found out some interesting things. Events that have to do with techs do not occur unless you can actually...
  5. Vermin.dll

    Your friendly MP games houserules (No AI)?

    Hello! I have been following Civfanatics for a long time, but only now created an account for the first time to ask a few questions. Lately I have been playing Civ 6 (Gathering Storm) with 3 friends, the 4 of us play mostly without AI, as we find this to be the most fun. We play on standard...
  6. M

    Civ VI Rhye’s Project

    I think the new expansion is adding some interesting mechanics into the game that have potential for use in a Rhyes and Fall type mod. It’s been a while and I think it’s possible to make something good if we worked together on it. I don’t have much coding experience but I’m trying to learn LUA...
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