early xmas present

  1. Recursive

    New Version - 3.0.4 (November 29, 2022)

    Hello world! After many delays, it is finally here! Vox Populi version 3.0, which I hereby dub "The Great Integration", arriving just in time for the end of November 22, 2022! This version notably integrates several modmods into base VP: - Religion Spread - Promotion Flags for VP (EUI only...
  2. Recursive

    New Version - 1.3.4 (December 27, 2021)

    Hey all, New version inbound, just in time for the holidays! Most of this is just bugfixes, nothing too exciting, but there are some cool features in here. Special shoutout to balparmak for his awesome work for this release, including making buildings invest-able later on, reducing the size of...
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