economic victory

  1. ManoftheHour333

    Victory Conditions for Civ VII

    As famed American nuke-crackpot Douglas McArthur once said, "There is substitute for victory". And in the game of Civilization, this is true. It's one of the core game mechanics to encourage people to keep playing towards the end! While many have been saying that Civ should go in a direction of...
  2. Zegangani

    [NFP] Industry/Corporations Mode is comming!

    With the Newest NFP Updates, Firaxis implemented New Tables in the GameplayShema of the game, that aren't yet used (empty). In the latest NFP Mode, the Heroes Mode, they implimented some Hero Mode Tables into the Base Game (without having the Babylon Pack/Exp1 or 2). But another Table was added...
  3. S

    [NFP] Simple Economy System

    Hi, I've posted this on reddit, but I want to post it here too. Here's my idea of a simple economy system in Civilization VI. DISCLAIMER This is just an idea, not like, that we should 100% have in game, all values are out of thin air, so there's no balance at all, but in generally, it think...
  4. C

    Economic victory concept

    This victory type is based around the establishment of corporations. Corporations have HQs and Subsidiaries. You achieve economic victory once you have established one corporation which is a) established in every other civilization and b) for each of those civilization, has more HQs and...
  5. M

    What do you want from an Economic Victory?

    I have been thinking about an effective, and interesting, mechanic to enact an Economic Victory. Clearly I'm shooting much higher than an "earn loadza gold" kind of idea. More so, I am trying to integrate real world economics into the rise and fall of currencies, including steering them with...
  6. P

    Economic Victory and Economic influence

    Hey, first time on the forum and a huge fan. Literally canät play civ 5 without this mod. I've always wanted a economic victory as it feels so obvious from a real world standpoint. Money and economic influence is so incredibly powerful, that it's not at all farfetched to think of one country...
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