1. S

    Looking for a extended map tool

    Hello, i search for a program to extend the number of blocks on the map...
  2. md4

    [C3C] Removing units from the game

    I am just getting back into Civ 3 via the GOG edition, which apparently only includes the game .exe for Conquests. I'm not a fan of some of the new additions and would like to remove them. Is there an easy (and preferrably reversible) way of deleting units? I have noticed the Delete button in...
  3. Stew Pid

    Civ3QEdit: Please Enter an Integer between 1 and 25

    This error happens when editing certain improvements in the conquest editor, can't back out or save when it pops up. Any Ideas how to fix it?
  4. Zefyrinus

    [C3C] Disaster has struck! D:

    The biq file I've been working on for weeks has disappeared. :cry: I started the editor as usual, chose my scenario from the list of most recent files, and an error message comes up saying that it can't find the file. So I open up the folder where it was saved, and it's empty! How can this be...
  5. Sorenroy

    What Causes Global Warming (and Many Other Questions)?

    Hey all, I've been looking at older threads on global warming and have a couple of questions I don't think have yet been answered. First, where exactly does global warming come from? I know it comes from pollution, but I'm not sure if that only includes the pollution on the ground that...
  6. Nathiri

    Question about '320' appearance ratio.

    So I've just heard from a friend who was told by another old civ3 player that any number higher than 320 defaults to 0, which is a random number. I was confused by this as I had not heard anything about this before on civfanatics. Is it true that 320 is the max value to control the number of a...
  7. M07

    [UTILITY] CivXmlEditor

    What is this tool ? As a modder, it helps me a lot to create and manage tags in XML files in my mod. Where can you download it ? On this website : DOWNLOAD HERE You can see the source code here How does it help me and can help you? In my mod I do not translate in German, Italian and...
  8. C

    ModBuddy configure editor font (+size)

    I can't seem to be able to customize the editor default font and size. I really don't like the default as it takes up so much space. In TOOLS -> OPTIONS I go to ENVIRONMENT -> FONTS AND COLORS. I see the area to change the font and size but when I click OK it doesn't do anything and when I open...
  9. TerraForm Map & Scenario Editor for Civ1 DOS

    TerraForm Map & Scenario Editor for Civ1 DOS

    12 years after the release of Sid Meier's Civilization "Build An Empire To Stand The Test Of Time" in 2005 programmed MAP and Scenario Editor. Go to http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=126921
  10. Editor - Great Library

    Editor - Great Library

    Editor - Great Library
  11. Editor - Governments

    Editor - Governments

    Editor - Governments
  12. Editor - Flavors

    Editor - Flavors

    C3C Editor - Flavors
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