1. M

    Is it possible to create a mod in which one multiplayer character has ultimate control over the game? Looking to build a classroom tool

    Hi all, I'm a PhD student working on designing educational games. Before I build a game from the ground up, I'm wondering if it would be possible to create a game type in which one player controls when the other players can unlock building types and technologies. The idea being that students...
  2. M

    [WTP] Quick questions

    I can't believe, I have the honors of having the very 1st thread in the MOD that will be a successor to RaR! Exciting!
  3. F

    Civ(ilians) Live and die - New population model, feedback wanted

    Warning: Massive block of text follows. TLDR; this is a different way of accounting for population in Civ, where population points die, and their creation is not based on food, along with a bunch of other stuff to revamp the game. Intro: So, this idea is for a wholesale change for how the...
  4. Joshua Warren

    Public school teacher wanting feedback

    Hi all, so I will try to keep this to bullet points 1. I am a public middle school teacher currently teaching Social Studies in a Title 1 Middle School in Los Angeles County, California. I teach 7th, which is world history from roughly fall of the W. Roman empire (476?) to 1750s..ish 2. I am...
  5. S

    Jesuit Education not working properly? (Not a Bug)

    First religion I've got and decided to choose Jesuit Education (may purchase Campus and Theater Districts with Faith), but under the 'purchase with faith' tab, it says there is nothing to buy. I currently have 500 faith so I dont see how it can cost any more than that for a district... and if...
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