1. CorvusFortis

    Harlequin 2019-12-30

    Harlequins are mysterious servants of Laughing god Cegorah - the only Eldar god who survived the Fall. Their intentions and prophesies are often unclear. They often switch sides helping both Craftworlds and Dark City of Kommoragh. They can even join Mon'key forces if needs must. But one thiing...
  2. CorvusFortis

    Hornet 2019-12-30

    Hornet is a light hovercraft utilized by Eldar Corsairs. Converted from Ultimate Apocalypse mod for DoW: Soulstorm.
  3. CorvusFortis

    Warp Spider 2019-12-30

    Warriors of the Warp Spider Aspect Shrine cross battlefield in a series of quick warp jumps. Their personal teleporters allows them to quickly fall out of reality to instantly appear at another spot. They can easily dodge enemy fire and appear behind its back, then quickly transform them in a...
  4. CorvusFortis

    War Walker 2019-12-30

    Eldar War Walker are agile vehicles which utilize heavy weapons. Despite being very fragile, War Walkers often bring havoc to enemy backline, outflanking them. Converted from Ultimate Apocalypse mod for DoW: Soulstorm.
  5. CorvusFortis

    Shining Spear 2019-12-30

    Warriors from Shining Spears Aspect shrine are skilled jetbike riders. They can break enemy ranks with devastating charge or blast them from afar from Laser Lances. Converted from Ultimate Apocalypse mod for DoW: Soulstorm.
  6. CorvusFortis

    Swooping Hawk 2019-12-30

    Warriors from Swooping Hawk aspect shrine strike the enemy from above delivering death with their lasblasters. Converted from Ultimate Apocalypse mod for DoW: Soulstorm.
  7. CorvusFortis

    Ranger 2019-12-30

    Eldar who step on the path of exile, wander webway until called to battle by own kin. They are able to move unseen and strike enemy where it is most vulnerable. Converted from DoW: Soulstorm.
  8. CorvusFortis

    Dark Reaper 2019-12-30

    Eldar Warrior of the Dark Reaper Aspect Shrine. Dark Reapers specialize on bringing heavy firepower to the Eldar Force. Converted from DoW: Soulstorm
  9. CorvusFortis

    Eldar Phoenix Bomber 2018-08-24

    Converted from Ultimate Apocalypse mod for Dawn of War: Soulstorm. Bomber of ancient Eldar race from WH40k universe. Swift and deadly as any Eldar aircraft. Intended for WH40K mod.
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