1. TahamiTsunami

    Changes to Elimination Games

    In the latest Never Before Seen Civs - Elimination Thread, there's been some comments about how perhaps there should be some changes to some of the rules of future Elimination Game threads and I figured that its about time to discuss that more. One of the discussed changes is changing it so...
  2. Kmart_Elvis

    [R&F] Civilization Ability Elimination Thread

    This Thread is Moderator Approved. With the end of the year almost on us, and Gathering Storm set to release earlier next year we have time to have one last elimination thread for Rise and Fall. Previously we've voted on which civ has the best Leader Ability, what's the best Infrastructure to...
  3. Kmart_Elvis

    Leader Ability Elimination Thread

    This thread is moderator approved. In the past, we have discussed the City-State Elimination Thread, the World Wonder Elimination Thread, and the Unique Unit Elimination Thread. Now we will rank the Leader Abilities of Civ VI. Which ones synergize well with their civ? Which are OP or useful...
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