1. Infixo

    Real Fixes: Elizabeth 1.1

    New v1.1 as of 13.04 - config text updated. Fix for Elizabeth's ability giving trade routes only for specific Great Admirals. Now it gives trade routes for any first Great Admiral. Supported languages: all using latin alphabet.
  2. TahamiTsunami

    Blonde and Redhead leaders

    While I wouldn't suggest that leaders get picked based around their hair color, I thought it would be fun to learn more about potential blonde and redhead leaders that we'd like to see since only Alexander the Great and Frederick Barbarossa are blonde and a redhead respectively. As far as I...
  3. Lazarus_Cato

    [BTS] NC 1 - Elizabeth - Redux

    The Noble's Club series started out as a way for Noble-level (and below) players to improve their game. Most of the original participants now play at much higher levels, so this has become a way for advanced players to help others learn to play better. You can play your own game at any level and...
  4. Build A Elizabeth...

    Build A Elizabeth...

    This doesn't work on a few different levels.
  5. Oops


    Greetings from he who makes mortals tremble: Elizabeth I of the English...
  6. Ha Ha

    Ha Ha

    She got to be kidding!
  7. Liz (Wireframe)

    Liz (Wireframe)

    Wireframe model of England's Elizabeth
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