1. Brixter

    Encampment has Adjacency bonuses

    It makes Encampments not so underwhelming by giving them adjacency bonuses. Features: 1. Encampment, Ikanda and Thanh have adjacency bonuses: - Major adjacency bonus (+2 Production) from Industrial Zone (Tanks are produced in factories.) and Ley Line. - Standard adjacency bonus (+1...
  2. Brixter

    Preslav wall loyalty and amenity

    Preslav is close to useless and this mod makes it more useful. 1. Walls grant +2 loyalty bonus instead of Encampment buildings. 2. Adds +1 amenity to Encampment buildings.
  3. Brixter

    Fixed Zulu Ikanda

    This is a bug fix for Ikanda's missing yields. You don't get Science or Gold from Ikanda if you built it in cities you have conquered. This mod is a workaround and functionally identical to how it should work. Feature: 1. Bug fix for Ikanda. The district gets the bonus Science and Gold instead...
  4. H

    [] [Switch ver.] Encampments containing units can't ranged strike

    Without a cursor to click the red ranged strike icon, cities and encampments must be selected first to navigate to ranged strike the left stick, as far as I'm aware. The problem is that when encampments are occupied, the occupying unit is selected as priority, and on selecting the switch unit...
  5. C

    Two Encampment Ideas

    Could Encampments have the two following updates? 1) When attacking with an Encampment, could the Battle Window display (showing Power vs Power, Minor Victory, etc) 2) If an encampment can attack, would it be possible to have it prevent Auto End Turn like a City Can Attack?
  6. P

    Inability to create units

    So I'm new to Civ and ran into something that doesn't make sense to me. I can create a musketman so long as I have 1 Niter, as long as I have an encampment, correct? Well, according to the image below I can't...
  7. Enkidu Warrior

    Enkidu Warrior

    Sumerian Enkidu Warrior is attacking a barb encampment.
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