1. GoodEnoughForMe

    The Generational-Linguistic Split

    To tl;dr this bad boy; From age 20-80 the average generation becomes around 20% more conservative in voting patterns In most* non English speaking western countries this trend is holding up; millennials are slowly and steadily becoming more conservative. In literally every English speaking...
  2. J

    Game Interface is stuck in German Language

    All of the text for the game is in German some how. I tried switching the language in the main menu of the game and the language does not change. I have a steam version of the game. Steam's language is set in English and the game is set to launch in English. I have tried uninstalling and...
  3. Grinnygog

    Male leader for England

    I'm annoyed that there are no male English leaders in Civ 6. Correct me if I'm wrong if that's been rectified with updates. It's only a game, I appreciate, but being English, it matters to me. If ever there was a true ENGLISH leader it would be either Alfred the Great, or perhaps more...
  4. Jake346

    New Civ - Dorset, led by Harry Paye of Poole

    I've been thinking of the idea of a civ based on the southern English county of Dorset. It would be led by the famous (at least locally) pirate Harry Paye who was the bane of the French and Spanish. His capital would be Poole. Other cities would include Dorchester, Weymouth, Christchurch...
  5. KommissarReb

    How I won on Explorer against a small REF

    I saw people having trouble handling a big Royal Expeditionary Force (REF), not getting enough liberty bells, or winning. I believe I have figured out the winning strategy, although it can be highly situational. Here I shall tell you how I won, and that even you can possibly learn something from...
  6. King Is Inferior To His Inferiors

    King Is Inferior To His Inferiors

    The King admires the might of his colonies
  7. Oops


    Greetings from he who makes mortals tremble: Elizabeth I of the English...
  8. Modern Cities

    Modern Cities

    English is researching Superconductor and constructing the spaceship
  9. Hasting


    This looks like the normal zoom level.
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