1. HungryForFood

    Enlightenment Era (Vox Populi) (v 4)

    Enlightenment Era (Vox Populi) (steam workshop) Installation To install, extract to C:\Users\[your username]\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS. More details in forum thread. Credits Pouakai, Janboruta, Sukritact: authors of EE zwei833: author of RER Xony: initial version of EE Compatibility...
  2. sman1975

    Playtesters Needed for "SMAN's The Ancient World at War"

    Hello, I've recently published a mod, and could really use some help testing it. The mod itself is quite stable, but it adds a LOT of content to the game, so getting all of these new things properly balanced will take the evaluation and perspective of as many players as I can get. Here is a...
  3. TheOneHitPupper


    MoreTech The Tech Tree just got 2x bigger Overview For almost as long as I've played Civilization V, I've consistently felt that the vanilla Tech Tree was too short and was missing large swaths of human history. I noticed there were a few mods out there that expand the Tech Tree, but would...
  4. Infixo

    Enlightenment Era for Vox Populi

    Enlightenment Era is now fully compatible with Vox Populi. Techs are streamlined, Units and Buildings re-balanced and integrated with VP. The mod also includes RER. Enjoy! The mod was initially created by Xony. I've continued the work to (hopefully) a successful finish. Special thanks to...
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