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  1. Kahotep

    Mogadishu and Muscat Reskin 1

    This simple mod reskins the units of the Mogadishu and Muscat city-states so that they have African and West Asian instead of European units, respectively (as they should).
  2. Zegangani

    Collecting Ideas for a Rise and Fall of Civs, Dynasties, Cultural Pressure or Ethnicity Mod for Civ6

    I'm currently working on a Mod Series that introduces many new Mechanisms/Systems to the Game (and altering some existing ones), which work like the NFP Game Modes (that you can enable/disable as you desire), but are more fleshed out/detailed and interconnected with the Game's existing...
  3. J

    [GS] Civilization Ethnicity

    Can anyone provide some insight into changing the ethnicity of a civilization? I set the ethnicity to African but in game nothing changes. ----------------------------------------------- -- Civilizations ----------------------------------------------- INSERT INTO Civilizations...
  4. Kahotep

    African Egyptians 2

    Link on Steam Workshop This mod changes the appearance of the ancient Egyptian civilization's units to have the native African look instead of their default Middle Eastern (as in Arabian or West Asian) one. This affects both the appearance of the units themselves as well as their icons in the...
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