1. Zegangani

    Making Resources Much more Useful and Fun!

    Resources in Civ 6 always seemed somehow incomplete, and Firaxis could have got more out of them. They are only useful when you need amenities for your Cities (And sometimes when The AI wants to trade with them), and Yields. That's it!! I'm currently working on some Mods that focus mainly on...
  2. Zegangani

    [SOLVED] A Farmer Unit That Plants Resources

    Inspired by AOM's Botanist Mod I wanted to create a Farmer Unit that can Plant Resources (Without gathering them). So Far, I got that to work! Now I want to specify the Mechanic of planting the resources, like some Resources can only be planted by a specific Civilization (TraitType) and having a...
  3. A

    next expansion focusing on the ocean. underwater cities, terrain ,farming, mining and units?

    can we get the next expansion focusing on the ocean next. underwater cities, farming, mining and units? with the ocean rising. i think it's going to be a really good fit and logical with the rising oceans. i have bin waiting to see this for years in a civ game. make my dream come true.
  4. Barbarian Farming

    Barbarian Farming

    Fighting barbs can be a good way to level up your units.
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