1. jarcast2

    Vicevirtuoso's Arturia's Britain (F/SN Saber) Jarcast edit 1.3

    This is a reworked version of the original civ by Vicevirtuoso uploaded with his permission. Major changes concern the UA and the addition of support to common mods. Installation notes: Extract the zip and place the folder in Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS Enjoy. :)...
  2. FonziScheme

    Fonzi's Fate (TypeMoon) Themed Civs

    Hi, So... many... spoilers! For all of the Fate franchise. You've been warned. This is my first set of mods I've ever made. I'm still playing them to test everything, but the actual coding and stuff appears to be working without an issue. I suppose the biggest disclaimer I should have upfront...
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