1. CanusAlbinus

    PolyCast 406: It's A Lot Better Than Watergate

    The four-hundred-and-sixth episode of PolyCast, “It's A Lot Better Than Watergate“ is now available for streaming on ThePolyCast.net. This episode features regular co-hosts CanusAlbinus, Phil "TheMeInTeam", and Jason "MegaBearsFan". Topics for this episode include: News 00h02m25s | Twitter...
  2. Hellenism Salesman

    [GS] Are Dams worth it?

    The dam is an interesting infrastructure district with many strengths and weaknesses. While I always plan my floodplain cities using dams and seek them out for extra Industrial Zone adjacency, their high production cost and resulting long build time makes me wonder- are dams worth it? I'm...
  3. Nahimi

    [GS] How to generate low land tiles for custom WB map

    I am making quite a large custom map (not large enough for sea level crash) and was wondering if there was any way to generate coastal low land tiles? Manually plotting each of them takes a lot of time. I saw the option for "Coastal Lowland" and tried both Map generator and Matching Flatland...
  4. A

    [GS] Worldbuilder Question (coastal lowland)

    Hi all! Quick World Builder question... How can I define the coastal lowland tiles that will be flooded as the sea level rises? I can't find any option for this and when I try my map, there're no default lowland tiles. Thanks :)
  5. Tyroq

    [GS] Climate Change Quirks

    So in my most recent game (emperor-Mali), I discovered something interesting and quirky about dealing with flooded tiles. It seems that, if you swap a flooded tile to the control of a city that already has flood barriers up, the flooded tile will instantly gain a flood barrier and become...
  6. L

    ran "repair ancestral hall" several times

    A natural disaster destroyed a few tiles (flood) so naturally there was some work to do. While the builder took care of my farms I went to switch my city's production over to repair my gov district and building. I ran the 7 turn process...it pops up again. Ran again, repeat. I give up and...
  7. Master_Chaz

    [GS] (Help Needed): Playing Custom Maps that Flood

    Over the past several months many non-modders (like myself) have searched and attempted in vain for a simple/easy-to-comprehend solution to playing our custom maps with all the new Gathering Storm features. Personally, I created a map from R&F, converted it to GS and successfully placed all the...
  8. Wonder Land & Endless Flood Plains!

    Wonder Land & Endless Flood Plains!

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