1. Predator145

    Medieval Castles/Fortresses from Kyriakos' city and terrain graphics

    Another copy paste job from Kyriakos' excellent city and terrain graphics. Terrain improvements and city improvements are available. As construction technology improved throughout ancient age, very heavy and expensive fortifications emerged to augment already formidable city walls. These...
  2. Predator145

    Mesoamerican Fortress

    This is a copy paste job of RedAlert's mesoamerican appartment complex and observatory tower into a mesoamerican fortress. It's inspired by Al Zubara and Yedikule. City improvement and terrain building options are included.
  3. yepzer

    [BNW] Claiming tiles far away at sea

    Hi all, Often you want to claim resources or strategic points on the map - with out having to build cities. For the land masses there are interesting mod around forts, citadels and outposts: Fortress Borders (by preffect, on steam). I have originally seen it by conan.morris - sorry if I get...
  4. The Fortress-galley!

    The Fortress-galley!

    I found this galley on land, inside a fortress
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