1. Jarmrik

    Dassault Mirage IVP 2024-03-19

    French eighties supersonic strategic bomber. Animated with standard jetfighter.kfm Comments & discuss take place there:
  2. Jarmrik

    Dassault Mirage-4000 2024-03-07

    Dassault Mirage 4000, a french jetfighter prototype designed in early 80s, in two liveries. Uses vanilla jetfighter kfm.
  3. Jarmrik

    Nexter VBCI 2024-03-07

    French mechanized infantry Nexter VBCI in a sand livery. Anims included in the file. Comments & discuss take place there:
  4. D

    Civilization 2 : Test of time patch 1.1 French 1.1

    French 1.1 patch for Civilization II Test of Time Patch 1.1 pour la version française de Civilization II Test of time I've gotten it trough / Je l'ai récupéré sur :
  5. kine100

    Modern French infantry units 2022-03-15

    Modern French infantry units: Infantry/ Paratroops/ Mountain troops/ Heavy machine gun units Discuss here animation infos are in the folders. Always thanks for Walter Hawkwood's tutoring how to animate the units. M2 Browning Cal. 50 heavy machine gun unit and infantry about... in early 90...
  6. kine100

    Cold war French infantry units 2022-03-15

    Cold war french infantry units: Infantry, Paratroops, Chasseurs Alpins, Machine gun. Discussion thread animation infos are in the folders. paratroopers with semi-automatic rifles using .kfm file included in the same folders for the semi-automatic rifle effect. Infantry and Machine gun units...
  7. Akallan

    [BNW] French translation of mods

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and I do not know if this is the right category to post my problem, feel free to move it. I looked on the internet if other people had the same problem as me, but I did not find anything so I start the topic here. I want to translate some mods I have for Civ5 in...
  8. KommissarReb

    How I won on Explorer against a small REF

    I saw people having trouble handling a big Royal Expeditionary Force (REF), not getting enough liberty bells, or winning. I believe I have figured out the winning strategy, although it can be highly situational. Here I shall tell you how I won, and that even you can possibly learn something from...
  9. Diplomacy - French

    Diplomacy - French

  10. Joan de Arc

    Joan de Arc

    I'll show you mine if you show me yours...
  11. French Offer

    French Offer

  12. The French

    The French

    The French territories under the fog of war.
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