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  1. oSiyeza

    [GS] The most liked and disliked features of Civilization VI (Results)

    This is my best attempt to synthetize the results from the users of this forum, from the post available in: I created a new post, since this is not intended to be a place to submit more opinions for the...
  2. yung.carl.jung

    [RD] You have the opportunity to design your Dream Game!

    Dear CivFanatics, A few months ago I made a thread asking what your dream RPG would look like, and it received hundreds of enthusiastic answers. Now I've decided to really do it, and I am asking you for help and creative input. Anything, be it a spell, a talent, a playstyle, a boss encounter...
  3. Spirictum

    Rethinking the Trade Routes System

    Following what we've been talking in the 'I want to help this mod' thread, I started this thread so we can come together with ideas for redesigning the Trade Routes System. For non-modders: Simply put, it takes too long when the number of routes per city gets high enough, and the number of...
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