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  1. N

    Tournament Battle 3x3 by UTC+03

    Hi all! We really want to play with guys from other countries, we have an organized team of 3 people who can play a one-time game. Please, if you have such an opportunity, please write to us. We have restrictions: - Time limit no more than 3 hours. If the game lasts more than 3 hours, then we...
  2. King Phaedron

    City Names Lore - Random Thoughts Game

    Apologies in advance if this is not the right forum. This is basically a posting game revolving around City Lore. Post the name of a city and some juicy gossip around it, like so: I hear they do naughty things in the Phoenician City of Sexi. City of Maitland? I thought "Mate Land," was just a...
  3. TahamiTsunami

    Changes to Elimination Games

    In the latest Never Before Seen Civs - Elimination Thread, there's been some comments about how perhaps there should be some changes to some of the rules of future Elimination Game threads and I figured that its about time to discuss that more. One of the discussed changes is changing it so...
  4. Xandinho

    Never Before Seen Civs - Elimination Thread

    In the same way as "Returning Civs", I think we can also talk about "Never Before Seen Civs". You can give upvotes for civs that you want to see in the game and downvotes for those you don't want. Most of you already know the rules: -In each vote, you add a point in the civilization that you...
  5. T

    [R&F] Is there any mod that delays the passage of the ages and technologies?

    And that is also compatible with the mod Real Tech Tree. I like to enjoy each era and fight with the units of each era but in the base game the technologies overlap very fast. I used the historic speed mod, but it seems to be incompatible with Real Tech tree
  6. Eiskalt

    New Reform - Article 13 / 17 1.0

    This mod adds 1 new reform ( policy ) - Article 13 / 17 . Available in english and in german . STATS: Policy : Economy Required civic : Social media +15 gold and -3 amnenity for each city per round. Keywords: Civilization VI , Civilization 6 , Civ6 , Sid meiers , Firaxis, mod , steam , valve...
  7. BOndTriumph

    Civ IV BtS Multiplayer?

    Anyone know if I need to download the pitboss to play any version of Civ IV multiplayer? Does it still work? Any open games starting soon?
  8. Daftpanzer

    DaftNES V (Turn 5 in progress: Glacial Maximum)

    Welcome to Earth, although not quite as we know it - this an alternate world, sharing the same physical properties and much the same evolutionary history as our own, but having different geography. Sentient beings recognisable as Homo Sapiens have only recently appeared on the scene, and are...
  9. H

    Multiplayer Save Fix 1.1

    This mod fixes the bug that multiplayer saves would skip a turn when loaded. There is a save game bug in Civ 5 multiplayer: When you save a game or it gets saved automatically, those saves are broken and will skip 1-2 turns when they are loaded. This mod fixes this bug by always creating proper...
  10. J

    Civil War Units Found in Civ 5 Game Files (I am quite confused)

    Hi guys, So I was browsing the game files today, and I noticed that there are models and textures for both confederate and union units. I was curious, so I imported some of the rifleman and textures into Blender, and this it what they looked like: https://i.imgur.com/yTaSitq.png The one in...
  11. D

    Looking for a match

    Hey guys Im new in the forum. And got like 300 hours on Civ 5. I had never experience multiplayer with other people than my friends and we havent complete a match yet. So Im looking for a match. If you got an open spot and can invite me great! I can play mostly any nights, on weekends Im mostly...
  12. G

    [BTS] Creating Custom Game Options

    Hello all, I'm not sure if this has already been asked or not(If so, I apologize), but I would like to know(if possible at all) which XML files do I have to edit to add new options to custom games in Civ 4 BTS(options like Raging Barbarians etc.)
  13. mastrude

    Looking for a game

    I've been playing this mod solo for years. It's actually my favorite "game". I'm a GWJ member. Could I form a small group for internet play? (I know that can be a PiTA, but still...)
  14. M

    How to add players mid game using firetuner?

    I was making a simple map to play with in the worldbuilder, but for some reason City states did not show up when I started to play it. Also, some civilizations started on top of each other (settlers on top of each other). Now that I have played the map for some time now, as I was not patient...
  15. M

    Impossible Inventions card game

    I've decided to make a game where the player is a brilliant scientist and is trying to create various inventions. These inventions should be considered "impossible" for humanity right now. So far I've came up with -Antimatter Rocket -Space Elevator -Fusion Reactor -Dyson Sphere -Quantum...
  16. M

    Future invention point system game. Help and feedback?

    I am making a game where each future invention gives you 5 points. Once you accumulate to 100, you win. Each 5 points unlocks a new invention. Here's what I have so far +5 James Webb Space Telescope +10 Quantum computer +15 Fusion reactor +20 Fusion rocket Does anybody have any cool, creative...
  17. Turrdy

    Support Unit Elimination Thread

    I know, I know... enaugh is enaugh. But this is a short one. Rules are the same as always! (-3/+1; state your reason; once every 24 hours) Anti-Air Gun - 20 Battering Ram - 20 Medic - 20 Military Engineer - 20 Mobile SAM - 20 Observation Balloon - 20 Siege Tower - 20 Have Fun! The Rankings...
  18. Eiskalt

    Austrian buildings - Gregor 1

    Additional new buildings in austrian style. 10 new buildings available. Version 2 will have overall 20 buildings./ Zusätzliche neue Gebäude im österreichischen Stil. 10 neue Gebäude verfügbar. Version 2 wird insgesamt 20 Gebäude haben. New buildings/Neue Gebäude: Voest Alpine P 3 and 3 %, G 1...
  19. Eiskalt

    Gregors Civilization 6 Buildings MOD 1

    +25 new buildings ingame: Hairdresser C 2 and 1 %, 1 ET, Greatperson Musician 1 Prison P 1 and 1 %, MT 1, HS 2, CS 2 Psychiatry F 2, S 1, PG 5 %, MT 2, HS 1, CS 1 Police Department MT 2, ET 1, HS 1, CS 1 Fire Department MT 2, ET 1, HS 1, CS 1 Hospital F 5, S 3, PG 10 %, MT 2, HS 1, CS 2...
  20. GravityWave

    [BTS] Civilization IV Live Stream

    One day a week (Tuesday normally) I'll be live streaming a game of Civilization BTS on YouTube. You can also watch after the fact and so can observe all my mistakes, and maybe some triumphs. Here is Part I: My YouTube channel, where I post retro as well as current gaming stuff, is here...
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