1. cardgame

    What style of vocals do you prefer in music?

    Time for some more light hearted topics on this forum. Addendum: Non-generally - that is, specifically - which gender is your favorite vocalist? For extra credit, mention them by name or post music by them, but take it easy, this isn't the music thread.
  2. Liufeng

    Women and Civilization : thoughts and discussion

    Hello everyone, I would just like to open this thread to discuss about women in the Civ franchise, about their presence (or lack of/too much of). Do you think the multi leaders option is an occasion to add more women into the game ? Do you there's a disproportion between men/women within the...
  3. CivilizationAce

    Gender changes on upgrade

    I'm creating a new unit type, that like the Scout has only one person. I'd like the following: To have some variety of unit appearance, including gender Upgrade to the same gender I think if the player names a female unit Jane Florence Smith and then upgrades it and gets a guy they may not be...
  4. Synobun

    Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer caught purging male employees within the company

    Source: "Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer led illegal purge of male employees, lawsuit charges" Do you believe Marissa Mayer is intentionally firing employees due to their gender, or do you think this lawsuit is merely a case of a disgruntled employee? Do you think people who are publicly vocal about...
  5. Oops


    Greetings from he who makes mortals tremble: Elizabeth I of the English...
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