1. Jarmrik

    Pak40 2023-09-30

    WWII german anti-tank gun with an artillerist. Anim included Comments & discuss take place there:
  2. Jarmrik

    Me-109 Z 2023-09-29

    Requested by Kathy. WWII german aircraft prototype of twin-plane concept. Anim included, in a tactical bomber fashion. Comments & discuss take place there:
  3. Jarmrik

    Wiesel 1A2 2023-09-29

    Requested by Kathy. Western Germany tankette with TOW launcher Anim included. Comments & discuss take place there:
  4. Jarmrik

    Puma IFV 2023-09-29

    KMW/Rheinmetall in its basic infantry battle vehicle version. Anim included, but should also work with vanilla tank.kfm. Comments & discuss take place there:
  5. M

    Why ask for an Italy civ when you can reasonably ask for two Italian based civs?

    Hello everybody! This is my first proper post on this forum after reading it for several years. The title of the thread sums it up: as an Italian I've always been surprisingly unbaffled by the absence of an Italian civilization in the game; we are very young as a unitary country (just celebrated...
  6. JulianBashir

    Reichstag 2021-01-23

    The Reichstag is an edifice in Berlin, Germany, constructed to house the Diet, or parliament, (called Reichstag in German) of Imperial Germany. After opening in 1894 it served as the seat of the Diet until it was set on fire in 1933, which the Nazis used as a pretext to solidify their grip on...
  7. sman1975

    SMAN's World at War: WW2 Scenario Civilizations Pack V1 Hotfix 2

    Adds the 19 custom Civs included in both the "WW2 Scenario" and the "WW2 Scenario on Any Map" mods, with some minor adjustments. Collaboration Site: STEAM Download...
  8. sman1975

    SMAN's World at War: WW2 Scenario Civilizations Pack

    This mod adds the 19 custom Civs to the game. These Civs were included in both the "SMAN`s World at War: WW2 Scenario" and the "SMAN`s World at War: WW2 Scenario on Any Map" mods, with some minor adjustments. They are focused on mid-Twentieth Century capabilities, and are scoped as such...
  9. King Phaedron

    Experiment - revived classic era foe in information era

    I just went through a crazy long game playing Inca on a custom map I made (called Ticondera based on the world map from the 7th saga, mostly a huge Pangaea.) We defeated Scythia pretty early on, and did not permit them access to the coveted Giant's Causeway that all new military units make a...
  10. Hippie_Peace_man

    Soviet Union (Concept)

    After a recent unfinished Denmark game, I was inspired to create a puppet civ (like Venice) that could settle cities. I've never made a mod before, so I figured before attempting to create the civ, I would post my idea here and listen for feedback on whether this is OP or UP: Soviet Union...
  11. Dark-Light

    [GS] Better Germany Idea

    Germany Civ ability: Free Imperial Cities (stays the same) Units: U-Boat (stays the same), Mustard gasser, V2. Mustard bombs- Could be a new chemical warfare bomb. Could ignore walls partially and leave a sudo fallout. I image it would do good damage over time and have a low burst damage. It...
  12. Sostratus

    Hansa/Suguba Guide 2019-06-23

    **Updated for June 2019 IZ changes! See the updates tab for much more!! ** See below image for what I'm referring to in this text. Many players enjoy getting the most out of their districts. It is a wonderfully fun addition to empire building in Civ6. Several unique districts have special...
  13. imperator1961

    A World in Arms: German Armt of WW2 Part IV 2018-04-11

    German Infantry Pak 43 88mm AT, German Infantry Pak 97-38 75 mm AT, German Infantry Panzerfaust, German Infantry Panzerschreck, German Infantry PzB39 AT Rifle, German Land Mine, German Organization Todt Worker, German Panzergrenadier, German Panzergrenadier MG 42, German Panzergrenadier MG 42...
  14. Latrec

    [Vanilla] [VidLP] - Prince - Congo - Part 1

    Hello Everyone, I had to start a new LP because I had to reset my PC and forgot to save the save file for the France Game I was doing. We will be playing a Cultural victory with Congo. Hope you enjoy it. From LaTrec. Patch - PC (313929) Mods - None Game Settings - None Map...
  15. Eiskalt

    German buildings - Gregor 1

    Additional new buildings in german style (Germany). 15 new buildings available. Subscribe me also in Youtube for more buildings :) . New buildings: BMW Industrial, P 3 and 3 %, G 2, ET 2, Greatpersionpoints Engineer 1 Volkswagen Industrial, P 3 and 3 %, G 2, ET 1, Greatpersionpoints Engineer 1...
  16. LFRANK

    Future Tech Non-repeatable

    Researched every technology in my current game and suddenly the Future Tech option isn't repeatable, though it claims otherwise. Since its non-selectable I can't complete the turn and continue the game. Tried to clear the issue with a restart but had no luck. Filed a bug but maybe someone here...
  17. DrekkSama

    [VidLP] Turns of War - Campaign 04

    So Turns of War is back, but this time with a twist. Instead of uploading a full 5-hour session on youtube, instead we have condensed it into a 10 min highlight of what happened. I think this format will be more enjoyable to watch and I am hoping you'll agree. Of course if you want to watch the...
  18. J

    City states & germany

    Germany gets +combat vs city-states, but generally is conquering them better idea than envoying/suzeraining for bonuses?
  19. M

    [VidLP] Germany as Barbarossa on Emperor (again)

    With the previous playthrough having been ruined by too much of a focus on religion (which turned out to be terrible), we decided to start again with Germany. Having become quite enamoured with the district system of Civilization VI, I decided to pick a nation which uses them quite heavily...
  20. Sniiperman456

    WW1: an alternate history

    I had an idea so I decided to try it out here. Here is the introduction. Please tell me how you felt about it and any useful tips! Introduction 1 August 1918. Germany is on the brink of defeat in world war 1. After the failed operation Michael, German morale were low. German supplies were low...
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