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  1. Bonyduck Campersang

    More Great Generals 2

    Adds (400+ now 500+) more Great Generals and renames and replaces some old ones.
  2. Brixter

    Nihang not always affected by Great Generals (CLASS_ALL_ERAS)

    I have 2 Nihangs but only one of them is affected by the same Great General. They should be affected by Great Generals regardless of era. I'm pretty sure I bought both Nihangs in the same era because I always buy multiple in the same turn. I have no other Great Generals within range. Nihang on...
  3. Brixter

    Great Generals and Admirals buff Ancient era units

    This lets you extend the usage of your ancient era units such as Hoplites, War-Carts and Okihtcitaw even if classical era Swordsman and Horseman show up. Features: 1. Classical era Great General and Great Admiral affect Ancient Era units.
  4. M

    [BNW] Question about delaying unit and building appearance change

    Enjoying to play in locked Eras, mainly the Industrial one for its steampunk aesthetics, I am looking for a way to delay to the next era the appearance change of some units and buildings that take place in this Era and look quite out of place there, namely : the Great General, the Great Admiral...
  5. MightyToad

    Crane Corps Units 2021-01-01 Great General and Pikeman. Based off art for the Great Wall movie.
  6. smorgasborgas

    Smallish warmonger change suggestion

    Issue: AI can be very openly aggressive to the Human with virtually no repercussion. The only retaliation is war, which causes huge warmonger penalties which seem to disproportionately affect the Human. This results in no trade, sanctions, no friendships, etc. which results in a very...
  7. T

    [BNW] Is it possible to give a Civilian Unit a RANGED CS?

  8. civplayer33

    Great General/Admiral buffing City Strength

    Recently, the ability of Great Generals and Great Admirals to boost City Strength has been removed without any discussion. I was against this change and posted it in the October 23 thread, but without much response: ==============================================================================...
  9. D

    [BNW] 2 Questions about great generals for custom mod

    Hi all! 2 questions for my first custom civilization .My civilization cant build settlers, but uses generals to settle. These generals also grant a bonus when stationed in a city. 1. Is there a way to passively generate great generals? Currently generals can only be obtained through policies...
  10. J

    Fight for Generals/Admirals

    Fight for Generals or Admirals Introducing I wanted to make the battle for getting Great Admirals or Great Generals a bit more offensive. If you fight on battefields your chance to get these Great People is higher than without. Therefore I decided to make this mod. What it does If you kill...
  11. T

    How do I implement unique Great Generals

    Hello All, I'm doing my own mod at the moment, and I'm not sure how to implement a unique Great General. At the moment, I have created the substitute unit already in Civ4UnitInfos.xml, but when I try to get a GG in- game, a normal Great General comes instead of my custom GG. Is there any...
  12. Q

    Better Great Generals 1.02

    Great Generals and Great Admirals provide combat and movement bonus to units from every previous era. Great Generals provide movement bonus to support and anti-air units. Supply convoy does not give movement bonus to itself.
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