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  1. H

    How do I view my great works?

    I've seen this great works screen occasionally when prompted, when I've just created one, but there must be some way to access it at any time?
  2. R

    Strategic Value of Great Works

    One of the things I really appreciate about Civ is that the developers clearly put a lot of effort into making different aspects of the game feel really special. Unfortunately, great works don't feel special to me, and I wanted to share my thoughts on why that is and how I think they can be...
  3. JamesNinelives

    Art Theft should be more difficult and counter-spies should be more useful

    Given how much time and investment it takes to generate great works, why are they so easy to steal? I'm willing to accept a hit to production, gold, or science - even great person points. However it requires a great person to generate one work of writing, art, or music; loosing them really...
  4. AgentGrady

    Trouble Creating a Great Works Mod

    I created a mod to add new great works and I recently tested it with the in-game editor mod, I did this by spawning several great writers. However, none of the writers associated with the great works I added spawned and reached the point where I had spawned all the writers in the game and all...
  5. A

    Can anyone tell me how to make custom relics?

    I have a few things I want to make into relics but I can't find any tutorials on how to make relics/great works. I'd really appreciate it if someone made a tutorial of some sort.
  6. OKSleeper

    A Better Endgame

    Through all of the Civ series, the end game has been problematic, going into multiple Future Tech & Future Culture until some someone finds a way to win, or if it goes too long and wins based on final score. Myself, I prefer the big map, longer games, but they really only make everything take...
  7. TheOneHitPupper

    MoreMusic (1950s-2000s)

    DOWNLOAD HERE (78.1MB) Adds in a bunch of new musicians and their respective great works. Modpack includes artists from the 1950s throughout the early 2000s. Some musicians have more than one great work. Mostly contains popular rock and doo wop. Includes 188 new Great Works of music as well...
  8. S

    Great Work Themes

    Can anyone provide some additional insight themeing great works in art museums etc...? Is it correct that to get a theme in say an art museum, all 3 works need to be the same type (religious, sculpture, etc...) but have to be by different artists? Is there anyway to theme a wonder that has a...
  9. Rawtheory

    The way Great Works of art are displayed is terrible

    These things are paintings and sculptures that the world will want to travel 1000's of miles to see. Why do we get a piddly little picture? We need large high rez images and an inspiring quote to go along with it.
  10. M

    With the changes to Great People, would you like to have seen something similar for Great Works?

    Hi everyone, Just curious about what you guys think of the Great Works. Do you think they should have approached things in a similar way to Great People (making Great Works unique, giving special buffs) or do you think it would have overcomplicated things? For me personally I would love to have...
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