1. Blake00

    Antigonos o Monophtalmos Scenario (MGE) 1.0

    About: A scenario with cool graphics covering the Greek succession wars following Alexander's death by Prometeus. Mod files rescued from Atomic Network backups and repacked in 7zip by Blake. Successfully tested in Civ2 MGE. Also Prometeus's Title.gif had palette conversion issues so Blake fixed...
  2. L

    Cyclades Islands 2022-03-24

    104x96 Civ 2 Vanilla Map of Greek Cycladic Islands of the Aegean Sea All civilizations have starting spots. Tried to balance between realism and playability.
  3. MightyToad

    Mycenaean Units 2021-07-09 Mycenaean Swordsman, Axeman, Spearman, and Archer.
  4. TyrannusRex

    Which form of Greek representation/leadership do you prefer?

    I'm just generally curious what all you out there think, and maybe what you'd like to see in future Civ games. Do you prefer to see Greece represented in-game by the all-conquering Alexander, as they have been in several past entries, or do you prefer the direction the Hellenic world took for...
  5. register

    Theban Sacred Band 2021-04-29

    Theban Sacred Band
  6. register

    Mercenaries Unit Pack 2021-04-08

  7. register

    Akkad, Kart Hadasht, Mercenaries and Miscellaneous

    This is my Covid-19 unit pack. I had no plans to do anymore units but suddenly I got inspired again and here it is, my new pack. Hope you like it. Also I want thank to Vuldacon for his effort to help me understand the whole palette creation process. Akkad Unit Pack Kart Hadasht Unit Pack...
  8. sman1975

    Any Greek Speakers Out There?

    Hello, I'm looking for someone who speaks Greek well enough to translate a few things for me to put into some of my mods. Just need help translating 20-30 different things. Thanks! sman
  9. camilo0

    Younger Pericles / New Civ

    Hey! I did this edit just to see another version of Pericles and simply replace the old art with this one (at list it looks kinda canon for me) but I don't have the knowledge to do it... so I leave this if someone is willing to do it for fun or even create another civ based on it. :thumbsup:
  10. Kyriakos

    Anyone interested in a classical Greece gfx pack?

    It would include: -1 city set -terrain gfx (fort & barricade, mine, colony) -watchtower The gfx can be seen in the following pic from the scenario "Hegemon", by Rambuchan and Vuldacon :)
  11. Kyriakos

    Ancient Greek city set Ancient Greek city set

    A new city set, after a lot of time :)
  12. Krugi

    Greek World for BtS 1.1

    This is a faithful port of the Greek World scenario, written by Rhye, that came with the original Civ4. The most intrusive change I have made was to grant Babylon, the Celts and Phoenicia, which were not present in vanilla, access to both of their uniques. In addition to Rome, Macedon and...
  13. Greek emissary

    Greek emissary

    Greek emissary
  14. Greek emissary

    Greek emissary

    Enraged Greek emissary
  15. Greek Palace

    Greek Palace

    A fully built Greek Palace
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