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  1. dwcole78

    [Vanilla] Vanilla - Deity guide

    Posted this in another thread but thought I would post here for visibility and for others to comment on things I missed. I expect the advice here still works on expansions though other advice might work also. Feel free to comment one way or another. May end up getting the expansions in a sale...
  2. 20886432

    What is the maximum population that a city can have?

    I am playing the Crossfire expansion as Gaia's Stepdaughters and am curious how high (assuming you have all the population expansion buildings) can the population get?
  3. Enyavar

    Poland can into space (1.16.2)

    But, in more seriousness and without further meme-ing, I think that the current game needs a new Poland Guide. Here's a link to the previous one which may still be valid in some ways (dunno the DoC version for that walkthrough but it still had a Leaning Tower). I set for myself the goal to win...
  4. IsabelBraganca

    [NFP] Zombies Defense Mode Guide

    Most of the information below is a compilation of the posts from Zombie Mode and articles from https://civilization.fandom.com/wiki/Zombie_(Civ6). Some information comes from my own testing and experience. Index Zombie Spawn Sources Zombie Behavior Zombie Mutation New Improvements Base-game...
  5. 20886432

    How do I customize factions?

    I found FACTION.txt (which was all I could find on google) but I don't know how to modify it and it only listed the current faction my saved game uses.
  6. 20886432

    I have Alpha Centauri on GOG but Alpha Centauri Crossfire won't load centered on the screen.

    I have no idea why this happens but Alpha Centauri the main game works but when I try running Crossfire the resolution is all weird and it doesn't appear fully on-screen. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  7. CivLifeRyoutube

    [NFP] Babylon Tips And Tricks (Works For Diety)

    I thought that Babylon was going to be insane and absolutely S tier. And I was right! Babylon is the newest civ in the New Frontier pass, and it just seems to be getting stronger and stronger when it comes to how strong the civs are. First Gran Colombia now Babylon, they are genuinely the best...
  8. tu_79

    A plan for 2020

    Well, well. After some heated discussions, I think we could all benefit if we had a roadmap of where to place our efforts in pursuit of a polished game. I'll start a draft of what could be the development plan for this year, as if it were some New Year's resolutions. Let's begin with the...
  9. tu_79

    [GUIDE] New guide to happiness

    Updated for October 2019 WHAT IS HAPPINESS? It is a resource that limits how fast and how big any civilization can grow and expand. Its intent is twofold: keeping the number of controlled cities manageable and preventing excessively rapid pace for some strategies. Unhappiness might be...
  10. billw2015

    Bug and Crash Reporting Guide

    What information and files are useful, and how to find them. https://github.com/caveman2cosmos/Caveman2Cosmos/wiki/Reporting-Bugs-and-Crashes /edit Just noticed this duplicates info in the forum posts themselves. I wrote it because someone was asking how to report this stuff in one of the posts...
  11. billw2015

    A short guide to debugging the exe

    This is something I quickly wrote after a couple of recent successes tracking down and fixing crashes that happen in the Civ4 BtS exe (due to our changes), using the disassembly window: https://github.com/caveman2cosmos/Caveman2Cosmos/wiki/Debugging-the-Disassembly I will add more later as I...
  12. C

    India's Early Game

    I goofed around with different starts as India, I'm going to try and write a guide. India must choose a pantheon the turn he settles his capital. This has some disadvantages, you cannot scout very much, nor can you reveal resources. However, this ability is as a whole a very strong positive...
  13. C

    Arabia Guide

    An experienced player's guide to Arabia in Vox Populi. Arabia has been redesigned to be not only strong but well designed and fun to play. The civ is very strong beginning in the ancient era, and is able to continue to be strong until late in the game. Let's look at his components UA: A...
  14. Enyavar

    UHV Guide Babylon 1.16

    So, I'm testing Babylon yet again. To make sure to not screw it up on the first time, I did it on Regent Difficulty and Normal Speed, which are the standard settings. I cleared the first UHV with a big stroke of luck and no idea how to do it without being lucky: The tech puzzle goes for me as...
  15. Keniisu

    Civilization 6: Modding Tutorial Series

    Hello! I'm Keniisu, a Civilization YouTuber who dabbles in modding just a bit (I'm by no means an expert). I've decided to start up a tutorial series for those wanting to learn how to mod and make their own civilization (What I'm focusing on now. More Topics soon!). I've already published one...
  16. Chrisy15

    C15's CMM Troubleshooting Guides

    Archive of Troubleshooting articles written for the Civilization Modding Monthly since although publishing them there allows them to be presented to a wider audience, it's less useful for people searching for answers and for directing questioners. Some of these articles can , or may in some...
  17. hapseleg

    How to remove sounds from civ 6 (production notification sound etc)

    After a whole lot of digging without finding an answer, I set out to find out on a quest to find out how I could remove sounds from civ 6, the reason is whenever I have a lot cities which have something that will finish building next turn, there is a bug where it keeps making the same noise and...
  18. Long try

    Project proposal: Our community to beat the deity

    This is what I've been thinking for a time. THE SITUATION Our community: Civfanatics is 1 of the most long-lived game fora out there, partly because Civ4 is such a marvelous game, as evidenced by @alwalo 's thread, and also because we have great members. Though time is an irresistible force...
  19. S

    [BNW] How to maintain a large army early game? (Soviet Union)

    I've been playing several games with JFD's Soviet Union, and I would love to hear some tips if anyone could offer. My biggest concern, is how my UA revolves around having a large military, but I'm having trouble funding anything more than a couple units early game...
  20. Shirotora Kenshin

    Tutorial : integrate a 3d Model as a new Unit

    hey all, this is a step by step Tutorial on how to integrate a Unit 3D Model into the game as a new custom Unit with unique 3D Art. Just download the rar file attached to this post, unpack it and start following the Tutorial :) feel free to ask questions here. Credits: Deliverator and Wolfdog
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