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  1. Y

    What should I do if I want a hero to gain experience?

    What should I do if I want a hero to gain experience? I expected the hero to gain experience by modifying the canearnexprience entry in the Babylon_Heroes_MODE.xml file. But The hero still didn't get the experience So was Questing Knight. If there's a way, I'd like to know that way
  2. D

    Restored Civilization treated as Free Cities (Civ VI Version (229505))

    I'm playing Gathering Storm with Heroes & Legends + Zombie Defense Mode + Tech & Civic Shuffle + Monopolies & Corporations Mode, Shuffle Map, Huge Map. Version (229505). I've seen some weird behavior for civilizations restored after conquering a city for a lost civilization that is...
  3. Z

    [NFP] Leveled Game MODES - Heroes and Legends

    Adjustments to every hero, for balancing this mode and reducing impact on gameplay. REQUIRES: Babylon Pack from New Frontier Pass. CHANGES: These are the changes made to each Hero: ANANSI Charges 6 -> 3; Ranged Power -5% ARTHUR Power -5%; Questing Knight Lifespan 12 -> 15 BEOWULF Charges 6 ->...
  4. Sjru

    [NFP] Make AI less likely to select heroes

    I liked that before the first patch of that pack, AI was less likely to chose to claim heroes at all, allowing for even medieval or rennaisance to be without all heroes being claimed. But now seems that the AI attempts to claim a hero as soon as it gets the choice, resulting in all the heroes...
  5. Flactine

    [NFP] Can heroes' ability use on common units?

    I want English Seadog can capture enemies like Hunahpu (Enemy resurrected under control with full HP and movement), but directly put the ability to Seadog is noneffective. I tried on Sumerian war cart, but failed too.
  6. D

    More Heroes and Legends

    We have Sinbad for gold, Maui for amenities, Himiko for delegates, Anansi for science and culture. Now meet: Odysseus Melee May embark across ocean tiles without the required technology 6 charges Odyssey: May spend a charge once per unique city-state or natural wonder visited to create a great...
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