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historical accuracy

  1. Edmund Ironside

    What are the most misleading (inaccurate and/or agenda pushing) historical movies ever!? (Poll included)

    Ever seen a historical movie which really grinds your gears. Lets talk about it! You can vote for up to 7 movies.
  2. BackseatTyrant

    Okay, but seriously, what exactly IS a civilization?

    More precisely, where does one civilization end and another begin? I'm certain pretty much everyone here have at some point had a heated debate about this, including yours truly, but never in a thread specifically about this subject, which is why I'm creating one. I could start off by listing...
  3. Thorvald of Lym

    Historical Accuracy Upgrade

    Thanks to various user patches, many of Civ2's original engine limits have been overcome: a game map can cover over 30,000 tiles, thousands of units and hundreds of cities. Suffice to say, the original 20–30 city namelist average starts to feel inadequate. Several weeks ago I started musing...
  4. Mantis Toboggan M.D.

    [BNW] I had an idea for a Punic Wars scenario mod and would love to hear people's opinions.

    I posted this yesterday on reddit and figured I'd share it here as well. While listening to a podcast on Ancient Rome I had an idea to make a scenario to play out the Second Punic War. I don't actually know anything about making mods so I don't know if it will happen but I'd love to hear...
  5. K

    Maps of Oil Fields before 1944

    I am doing research for a scenario I call Worldwar 44, and a big part of that fighting over control of oil fields and refineries. The problem is Wikipedia is not super helpful with regard to this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_oil_fields That's a lot of fields, but it doesn't include...
  6. Knasp

    Agricultural Revolution Expanded (AREX) - [DISCONTINUED] 2.8.7

    STEAM WORKSHOP LINK: Agricultural Revolution Expanded (AREX) A mod for all who enjoy more historical accuracy or historical resemblence for their Civilization experience. Basically this mod is a collection of fixes for annoyances and nitpicks, a revision of the entire tech tree and various...
  7. Knasp

    [GS] Agricultural Revolution Expanded (AREX) - [DISCONTINUED]

    STEAM WORKSHOP LINK: Agricultural Revolution Expanded UPDATE: DISCONTINUED! I'm no longer developing this mod and compatibilitty with Frontier Pass is dubious! If you want to take the code and use it for your own mod, feel free! But remember to mention me and the people who's work I've used, in...
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