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historical mod

  1. Adamiy

    Map of France V 1.1

    Map of France (and surroundings) made mannually from an empty canvas Discover Gaul in all its splendor All Based : - Mountain - Cliffs - Ressources - Rivers - Dimensions - Forests - Swamps - Regions (by continent) - Start Position - Features - Lakes - Land - ... Updates will come to make...
  2. Mantis Toboggan M.D.

    [BNW] I had an idea for a Punic Wars scenario mod and would love to hear people's opinions.

    I posted this yesterday on reddit and figured I'd share it here as well. While listening to a podcast on Ancient Rome I had an idea to make a scenario to play out the Second Punic War. I don't actually know anything about making mods so I don't know if it will happen but I'd love to hear...
  3. Louis the XIV

    [MOD] Historia Vincit

    I'm Sorry to announce that I have given up this mod, also after the 1.4 Update it has a lot of the civs don't have UU's because of a bug. If anyone wants to use anything from this mod they are free to do so. If you are interested in another project by me check out Rhye's and Fall of Spain. Of...
  4. Louis the XIV

    Historia Vincit 1.4

    I'm sorry to announce that I have given up working on this mod because I took up a new project that takes up more time, and the 1.4 version has too many bugs. This is Historical Mod I have been working on for months. (Pics Below) Thread Link with detailed explanation: Discussion Thread...
  5. Knasp

    [GS] Agricultural Revolution Expanded (AREX) - [DISCONTINUED]

    STEAM WORKSHOP LINK: Agricultural Revolution Expanded UPDATE: DISCONTINUED! I'm no longer developing this mod and compatibilitty with Frontier Pass is dubious! If you want to take the code and use it for your own mod, feel free! But remember to mention me and the people who's work I've used, in...
  6. Knasp

    Agricultural Revolution Expanded (AREX) - [DISCONTINUED] 2.8.7

    STEAM WORKSHOP LINK: Agricultural Revolution Expanded (AREX) A mod for all who enjoy more historical accuracy or historical resemblence for their Civilization experience. Basically this mod is a collection of fixes for annoyances and nitpicks, a revision of the entire tech tree and various...
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