1. Adamiy

    Map of France V 1.1

    Map of France (and surroundings) made mannually from an empty canvas Discover Gaul in all its splendor All Based : - Mountain - Cliffs - Ressources - Rivers - Dimensions - Forests - Swamps - Regions (by continent) - Start Position - Features - Lakes - Land - ... Updates will come to make...
  2. A_Wandering_Man

    [BNW] NAC's Civilizations

    Hello all! New-ish modder finally branching into historical civs, starting with... The Kassites (steam workshop link) UA: Shepherd of the Kassites Grants +1 Faith from Horses. Gains +4% Production for buildings (max. 40%) and 5% faster border growth (max. 50%) for each Kudurru improvement...
  3. Terkaza

    [BNW] Great Battles Scenario Pack

    Great Battles is a mod in which you can play through great battles in our History. Will you change the fate of the battle? I have started the long and laborious adventure of making short scenarios each centered in an important and/or interesting battle in the human history. Since I want it...
  4. Porkenstein

    Massalia (Protis) 1.0

    Adds Massalia under the legendary Protis to the game. Massalia under Protis is an expansive mercantile civ benefitting from land trade routes and naval exploration. UA - Scions of Phocaea: All coastal cities form water Connections after discovering The Wheel. Embarked Settlers have +4 movement...
  5. Louis the XIV

    Colonization 1600 AD (SCENARIO)

    This is a simple scenario I have been working on for Colonization. The map was created by me and it has all of North America and half of the South. The time starts in 1600 AD, there are 18 Civilizations in the Game. I know the Spanish Conquistadors conquered Mexico and Peru in 1520 but to...
  6. M

    Unique Victory Conditions (UHV) (Help/Request)

    I know it's not great that the dll for the game has been indefinitely withheld at this point. But, I think the YNAMP project still has potential. I wanted to know how to incorporate Unique Victory Conditions (UHV) into the mod. It'd basically be an import of the Rhye's and Fall mechanic, so...
  7. Porkenstein

    The Saxons (Widukind) 1.0

    The Saxons under Widukind are a defensive civ with high faith yields while their cities are defended from foreign religious influence. In the early Medieval Era they gain a military advantage with the Degan and a religious bonus with the Irminsul that compliments their defensive bonuses. To...
  8. Porkenstein

    Bohemia (Wallenstein) (Brave New World) 1.0

    Bohemia under Wallenstein is a heavily military and Gold-focused civ whose truest opportunity for advancement arrives in the renaissance era with the unlocking of both unique units. If he is able to achieve a strong Gold income by the unlocking of Gunpowder, Wallenstein can leap upon the world...
  9. Knasp

    [GS] Agricultural Revolution Expanded (AREX) - [DISCONTINUED]

    STEAM WORKSHOP LINK: Agricultural Revolution Expanded UPDATE: DISCONTINUED! I'm no longer developing this mod and compatibilitty with Frontier Pass is dubious! If you want to take the code and use it for your own mod, feel free! But remember to mention me and the people who's work I've used, in...
  10. sman1975

    SMAN's The World at War V5, Hotfix 3

    The World at War (WAW) is a comprehensive modification to Civ V (BNW) that adds a much deeper playing experience to the second half of the game. Usually when I play Civ V, I'm often taken aback at how quickly the last few Eras fly by. There is little time to experience what should be the most...
  11. M

    Modifiers for Historical Spawn Dates Mod

    I'm working on creating a change that works alongside Gedemon's historical spawn dates mod (https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/historical-spawn-dates.614266/). I have a few ideas and currently I'm trying to code so that when a player spawns nearby cities flip over (like Rhye's and Fall)...
  12. Greywulf

    Weapon trading.

    Throughout earth's history, weapon trading has always been significant, and has altered things on a grand scale. Here's what I have in mind for the game: If a player researched Gunpowder, this allows him to build the Musketman unit, and has a stock of Niter resources. That player is in contact...
  13. T_80_Tank

    The historical videos in Civilization IV

    Hello everyone!:c5happy: I've already posted some of my historical videos on this forum, but now I'd like to put them all in this simple thread. :culture: New historical videos on the map in Sid Meier’s Civilization IV are produced every week.:hammers::hammers::hammers: Subscribe to my...
  14. Homusubi

    Rising Sun: Civilisations of Old Japan - Arigato Update 5.0

    Updated 05/01/17: Arigato Update! (Use instead of previous Rising Sun versions) Arigato Update Changelog -Added a TSL Japan map featuring all the civs except Ryukyu. (The Ikko-ikki start at Nagashima) -Reworked all the icons. -The alpha icons are now proper kamon instead of pixelated...
  15. clytngrffn

    The Vikings 4.0

    This mod has the Vikings with Ragnar as leader
  16. clytngrffn

    The Vikings 4.0

    This mod has the Vikings with Ragnar as leader
  17. Magnificent


    That is how high i could ever get
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