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  1. jarcast2

    Jarcast & pineappledan's Hittites for VP 4.1

    Discussion thread.
  2. pineappledan

    Jarcast & pineappledan's Hittites

    The Hittites Does not need the original mod Download Here Leader - Suppiluliumas I UA - Bond and Oath: Gain 1:c5influence: influence per turn with City-States you have a Declaration of Protection with, scaling with Era. Your :c5war:War Supply is your starting :c5production:Production for all...
  3. LuciusJunius

    New Bronze- and Iron-Age Scenarios

    Hello, everyone! Over the last year or so I’ve created two new scenarios for PAE VI focused on the Bronze Age and Iron Age. This is my first venture into the world of modding, so I apologize if anything here is clumsily presented. I noticed that almost all existing scenarios are focused on...
  4. DrCron

    How do you play with the Hittites?

    After winning on HK several times (with only strong or ok cultures in the early game, experimenting only later when I'm already ahead), I decided to try starting with only weak cultures and see how it goes. On my 1st try I didn't even play the classical era (I want to see how it goes with...
  5. AaronTBD

    Every Civ Is Here!

    I don't know how or if it would work, but I'm thinking, what if Firaxis pulled a Smash Ultimate and added all civs into Civ 7, like Assyria, Sumeria, Siam, Songhai, Mali, Kongo, Georgia, and even the Hittites were added back into civ. It might cost a lot of time and effort though, but could be a...
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