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  1. Lukasdb

    Walls for other districts

    Hello everybody, Continuing my adjustment to my civ i figured it would be a cool idea to have a religious district, that builds wall just like encampment. I want it to be civ specific and am not sure if I need to create a new DistrictType or if I can apply some modifier on holy site as a civ...
  2. Das Capitolin

    Disable Religion Holy Site 2.8

    Removes Religion, Holy Site, Lavra, Stonehenge, Great Prophets, religious Policy cards, and Prayer projects from the game. Religious City-States adopt another attribute, and religious quests removed. Faith points and Pantheons are not affected. Ideal for when Religious Victory is disabled...
  3. Wingednosering

    Why Does Russia Have A Unique Holy Site?

    I've been wondering this since launch. I can think of tons of nations that were very religiously focused and deserve a unique Holy Site. Russia isn't one of them. However, I don't know much about Russian history, so maybe somebody can enlighten me. What is the historical reason for giving...
  4. D

    Holy Site Restrictions

    So I chose a pantheon that give +1 faith for adjacent jungle tiles. I have a tile with 4 jungles adjacent. But I cannot build my holy site there. I've taken a screenshot. I can purchase that jungle tile, but still don't have the option of placing the district there. Up and to the left of the...
  5. W

    Healing apostles on holy sites -doesn't work every time ?

    Hey, When i place my apostles on my holy site or adjacent, they heal, but it is relatively odd. Sometimes an apostle has to stay multiple turns until it starts to get healed. Sometimes only half of the apostles waiting by the holy site get healed. Also, holy sites from your religion but in...
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