horrible maps

  1. Horrible Maps X

    Horrible Maps X

    Not too horrible a map, but it certainly needs work. Look at those borders, eugh. :P
  2. Horrible Maps IX

    Horrible Maps IX

    From Reddit. Also, why is Bohemia a protectorate in the 1900s???
  3. Horrible Maps VIII

    Horrible Maps VIII

    ...WHY??!! Why is Hungary independent from Austria?!
  4. Horrible Maps VII

    Horrible Maps VII

    I feel as if we need a little more clarification here...
  5. Horrible Map VI

    Horrible Map VI

    How was this allowed to be in a school??!!
  6. Horrible Maps V

    Horrible Maps V

    You don't see it at first, but when you do... IT JUMPS YOU.
  7. Horrible Maps IV

    Horrible Maps IV

    It appears as if the Netherlands in this timeline didn't succeed in turning the water into the land. Also, Iberia got bumped.
  8. Horrible Maps III

    Horrible Maps III

    This isn't really a horrible map, it's just someone who CLEARLY doesn't understand how to draw borders. Also, does anyone know what time period this map could refer to?
  9. Horrible Maps II

    Horrible Maps II

    It appears that the Ottomans in this map's timeline united with the Russians, America has truly Manifest Destinied North America, the Qing have magically reappeared, and Morocco has taken over most of the Sahara and North Africa. And this was made during or after 2012...
  10. Horrible Maps I

    Horrible Maps I

    Apparently, the epidemic is so severe it kills any distinction between water and land. :P Madagascar is unaffected, though.
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