ideas to improve civ 6

  1. Queen Theophania

    A few concepts for Native American City States

    Hey y'all, this forum might not be the best place to put this (and if it isn't then the mods are totally free to move this thread) but I want to make a mod that adds several Native American City States (from both North and South America). I originally only wanted to ashow this to Zaarin to ask...
  2. Queen Theophania

    Ideas and concepts for new resources (and a reworked lumber mill)

    Hey y'all, I have no idea if anyone else has problems with the variety of resources in Civ VI but I wish they were a bit more varied and represented a bit more of the world, so here I've compiled a few resources I'd like to see in the next entry in the series (and may or may not add through mods...
  3. Queen Theophania

    What do you think about adding the Northern Paiute people as a Civ?

    Hey everyone, I've recently been reading a lot about the history of Native American peoples and read up a bit on the Northern Paiute, who I think might work fairly well in a game such as Civ. Here's their Wikipedia article if you want to read up on them a bit In short, the Northern Paiute are...
  4. Queen Theophania

    What Native American Civs would you like to see the most in Civ VII?

    Probably the 58th time a thread like this has been created. I'd like to see what Native American groups people here would like to see represented in Civ VII, specially considering that Civ VI did a pretty mediocre job at it (at least in my opinion). I've included a lot of options so hopefully...
  5. Alex Pella

    [NFP] Vassals in Civilization & More suggestions

    Greetings, all! I, and quite a few people from another Civ community came up with a few ideas they would like to see in either the current game, or future game that we hope the Devs would take into consideration, Vassals. Yes we have suzerainty, but competing for a city state by having more...
  6. T


    I am a great fan of this game (700 hrs of gaming on civ V), but i think civ VI could still be improved. Indeed, there are some elements which were present in civ V but not in the 6th. For example : -I think there is a lack of certain military units which were present in the 5 but are no longer...
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