1. T


    CIV REIMAGINED For Players Seeking A Longer Game with More Immersion Civ Reimagined Version 6.8 FEATURES: Featuring 130 New Techs, 45 New Civics, over 50 New Buildings, and over 65 new policy cards! Completely integrated with the Warfare Expanded Mod series! Completely redone civics and...
  2. Trashperson

    Tradition (Up to date with Barbarian Clans update) 2.0

    Tradition is a simple flavour mod that renames several aspects of the game for accuracy and immersion, with all parts being modular in the settings. This mod's genesis was with how it always kinda bugged me that the legacy policy cards had such uninspired names, being just the government's name...
  3. Askia Muhammad

    Timeline Feature - Mod

    Hello all, I have a couple gripes with how things ended up with the recent expansions but one of them in particular is the timeline. It was marketed as a way for you to look back on your civ's story and a method you could tell your story. I believe it largely fails to accomplish this if i'm...
  4. M

    [Request] New Historic Victory Type

    Civ VI modding really impressed me. Was playing with YnAMP, Rosetta Naming, Sukritact’s mods, Tomatekh’s religion mod, (not to mention them all) and the experience of the game is really something else now! I don’t think it would be too hard, and I’ve seen an alternate victory type mod before for...
  5. UncivilizedGuy

    [BNW] Saga Of Man 2

    This thread is about the development of my newest project, Saga of Man 2. My original mod is available on Steam. For download information and details of my original creation please go here: Saga Of Man original creation !!!!!Newest Alpha version (3 Oct 22) download>>>>>>>>>>>> Newest Alpha...
  6. nzcamel

    [R&F] Governor's breaking my immersion

    I find the governor's still irk me in terms of breaking me out of the theme of being Civilization "X" during the game. I looked through the mod's and it seems that no one has modded them to being nameless faceless individuals yet... I found this picture on Scarlet Nossna's reddit page; and it's...
  7. Nahimi

    Civilization Specific Wonders mod?

    On Steam, there can be found this very, VERY useful, immersive mod which basically stops random civs from building Wonders that do not reflect real life events in history. It is so annoying to see Rome build the stonehenge or in my case; America built the Eiffel Tower while I was France???? HELL...
  8. Z

    War themes

    I think that a war variation on all the civ themes would help alot with immersion. But i gues this is very intensive to create since you need to pretty much make a complete now score of music. What do you guys think about this.
  9. Bosworth II VII

    Time Immersion - Request

    I remember someone made a mod for Civ 5 back in the day, it basically had an overlay for the calendar in the top right section of the screen and when you entered a new era the year changed. The reason I would like to see this is simply for the people(myself included) who rather than play as a...
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