1. M

    Mayan Pyramid Improvement 1.0

    Adds a new improvement for Mayans, that has following bonuses; +2 Faith and +1 Science +1 Faith for each adjacent Luxury or Holy Site +1 Science for each adjacent Observatory +1 Gold for every adjacent district and for every 2 adjacent farms or every 2 adjacent Plantations Base yields (2 Faith...
  2. M

    Roman Villa Improvement 1.0

    Adds a new unique improvement for Rome, Roman Villa, It's unlocked at Drama and Poetry civic, and provides you with following bonuses: 1. +1 Food for every 2 adjacent Plantations or Farms (every farm grants +1 Food after Feudalism) 2. +1 Culture if adjacent to City Center or Theater Square 3. +1...
  3. M

    Military Camp improvement 1.0

    Adds an improvement, available for all civilizations, buildable by melee and anti-cavalry units. Military camp is unlocked at Military Tradition civic. It gives your units +2 defense strength, grants fortification, and when your wounded units enter the tile, they instantly heal slightly...
  4. M

    Remove Improvement for a civ

    Hi, I am a newbie at modding, and I was wondering if someone knows how to remove a certain improvement (a generic terrace improvement buildable by all civilizations) from a specific civilization. Any help in sql or Xml would be nice ! And does someone also know a list of all SQL commands for...
  5. Codenaugh

    Modify Mine Improvement's Appeal for Australia

    Australia is tough to play since you need mines and mines give you -1 appeal to adjacent tiles. I want to create a modification where their mines give 0 instead of -1 appeal to adjacent tiles. However, I'm struggline to make it happen. I've tried adding a player_cities_adjust_appeal modifier...
  6. Lukasdb

    Unit dissapears after building impro

    Guys, a quick question: Is there any way to prevent custom unit from dissapearing after using improvement? I made a custom monk and I attached a custom improvement to him. His textures dissapear after I improve tile. Thanks in advance for help
  7. Sailor Cat

    Watchtower Improvement 2.0

    WATCHTOWER IMPROVEMENT Steam Workshop Introducing the watchtower improvement, which can be built by recon units, such as the scout, to help your civilization better explore and monitor. +2 Sight for occupying unit. +1 Sight for units occupying adjacent Encampments and defensive improvements...
  8. Djospe

    Civ 7 - Less, less, less

    Dear Civ players, This is my first post ever on civfanatics, although I have been playing the series extensively since Civ 3 and although I'm a relativity good player (I beat deity in most games I play). I had to post this idea because I think that it could vastly improve the Civ gaming...
  9. ebcott

    Memorialize Units

    It would be cool if you can retire veteran units and create a memorial improvement or great work out of them that provides a little yield bonus of some sort.
  10. yepzer

    [BNW] A Winter Wonderland mod

    Hi all, There's so little snow here this winter, and I wanted a landscape full of snow and snowmen.... Time to dust off the old modding skills... This mod (v2) consists of two parts: Snowy landscape (plains, desert, marsh, grass tiles are white of snow) Frosty The Snowman improvement for...
  11. Jaey

    Please Help - Missing Plantation .fxsxml and .gr2s

    I've spent hours in Dragon UnPACKer 5 poring over the .fpk files trying to find Plantation_MID_Dye.fxsxml and its corresponding .gr2 file. It seems I've encountered every other improvement in the game except for this one. The Civ5 Improvement ArtDefines .xml file seems to provide a clue in...
  12. King Phaedron

    Artificial Islands

    We have them today, and we've had them in the past (Along with the nuclear war in 1700s) The American East Coast around New York is full of them. Proposal: Enables builders to construct artificial 1 tile islands, requires 3 builder charges. Must be built on a coast or ocean tile with no...
  13. Aron Nisbel

    Master Thesis Survey about strategy games on Console! In collaboration with Paradox Interactive.

    Hi, Civ fanatics! I'm currently writing my Master Thesis in collaboration with Paradox Interactive at Umeå University, Sweden. The aim is to improve the User Experience (UX) of strategy, 4X, and grand strategy games on consoles (PlayStation, Xbox). This survey will serve as a basis for my...
  14. Steve39

    [BUILDING] Help Creating Custom Unique Improvement for BNW mod

    So I've been having some problems adding a Unique Improvement to my new Civ. If I'm not mistaken I only need to use XML (though I guess there are other ways to do it with SQL and or LUA I don't know anything about them yet). I've already checked with other vanilla Civs and other mods and I...
  15. T

    [BNW] <Improvement_YieldPerEra> of my Custom Tile Improvement is not working, Help!

    <Improvement_YieldPerEra> of my Custom Tile Improvement is not working, Help! <Improvement_YieldPerEra> <Row> <ImprovementType>IMPROVEMENT_CAT_CITADEL_ZHAO</ImprovementType> <YieldType>YIELD_SCIENCE</YieldType> <Yield>2</Yield> </Row>...
  16. md4

    [C3C] Flavouring improvements

    I want to experiment with flavors, and I thought a good starting point would be to have Babylon more predisposed to building courthouses in all their cities. I seem to remember reading in a thread (that I can no longer find) where somebody believed that the relationship number was such that 0%...
  17. CanusAlbinus

    PolyCast 352: The Road Goes Ever On

    The three hundred-and-fifty-second episode of PolyCast, “The Road Goes Ever On“, features regular co-hosts CanusAlbinus, Stephanie “Makahlua”, Philip “TheMeInTeam”, and Jason “MegaBearsFan” Grade with guest co-host DanQ and discusses the following: News - 00h01m23s | Canus Gives a Short...
  18. Sergean Toad

    [GS] City Sprawl Improvement

    A city sprawl improvement(not district!) that adds housing, food and production and others if adjacent to a appropriate district and is unlocked in modern/atomic era. I've seen a 'downtown' district mod but it's clunky and it doesn't work with latest update of Civ6. I think that a generalized...
  19. billw2015

    Production Popup

    i.e. The one that appears once the build queue is empty in a city. It might be hidden for some people via the option in BUG. This was a bad cause of performance issues even when disabled. This manifested either as a long pause as each production popup was shown at the start of a round, or a...
  20. TheOneHitPupper

    Great Admiral Aquaculture 2

    Make use out of your Great Admirals! Overview As a way to make Great Admirals more useful throughout the game, I put this together using an old mod based on the same idea as a framework. In addition to the two base-game actions, Great Admirals can now build the Aquaculture improvement on...
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