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    Any Advice for playing Civ 2 Gold over Hamachi?

    Hello all! Last weekend I was messing around with Hamachi trying to set it up so I could play Civ 2 over the internet but I couldn't seem to get it to go no matter what I did. I had my friend allow hamachi and Civ 2 through the firewall and I was able to ping him via hamachi but we could not get...
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    Switch from internet game to cloud game (in steam)?

    With our group of 5 we would like to spend an afternoon to startup a multiplayer game of civ quickly via an internet game. Then when turns get longer and more thinky our plan is to switch over to a cloud game so we can take more time for our turns and don't have to actively wait for each other...
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    mods do not work in internet mode

    games do not show up in lobby if they are mods. They use to has things changed. how about a work around or fix so they will work again capt. jack
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