joao iii

  1. Scaramanga

    João III in Lego Brickheadz form (MOC)

    Brickhead João III knows the sweet melancholy of the sea. Previous Civ 6 leader Brickheadz: Kublai Khan (China) Hammurabi Bà Triệu Simón Bolívar Teddy Roosevelt (Rough Rider) Menelik II Ambiorix Lady Six Sky Catherine de Medici (Magnificence) Basil II Eleanor (England) Eleanor (France)...
  2. Joao III

    Joao III

  3. megabearsfan

    [NFP] A General Strategy for Joao III of Portugal

    I finally finished my guide for Joao III of Portugal, from the New Frontiers' March update. The full guide can be found at my blog at: A few highlights from the guide: From my experimentation...
  4. Cooleatack

    [NFP] Should Phillip II lead Portugal too?

    So I was thinking what the patch in April could contain and considering they mentioned surprises, I figured Phillip II would get a rework as Spain is not exactly a powerhouse at the moment. With this, he could actually end up leading the land he claims to rule now that Portugal is in the game.It...
  5. Laurana Kanan

    [NFP] Portugal (March 2021) - Patch Notes Discussion

    OVERVIEW The Portugal Pack introduces João III as the leader of Portugal. Also includes the the Nau unique unit, two unique structures (the Navigation School building and the Feitoria), a new map script, world wonders, and the new "Zombies Defense" mode. Includes the Portugal civilization with...
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