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latin america

  1. tangjinfeng

    Latin American unit of tang

    Hi everyone, making units for Latin America has been my desire for many years. The original reason was that I played doc many years ago, and Latin American civilization was always ridiculously replaced by a Spanish look, when in fact they were completely different. It's just that at that time I...
  2. C

    Guatemala Civilization by CyanCloud

    Leader: Juan José Arévalo Trait: Socialismo Espiritual. You start the game with Pottery and Writing technologies. UB: Escuela Tipo Federación: +1 Science for every 2 citizens in this City. In addition to giving additional science and culture points. City must have a University. First UNW: The...
  3. W|M

    Fidel Castro dead

    source So what do people here think about his legacy? Is his death a tragedy worth mourning? How is this going to influence the future of Latin America, especially Cuba?
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